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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Movember special

Hey guys... 
This week was a little different because for me it mainly revolved around Movember!

I really wanted to get behind this month long charity event because it's a charity very close to my heart..

In the autumn of 2010.. I was horrified to discover that my Dad had prostate cancer! 
My positivity felt like it had run it's course.. I didn't see a future in rainbows and sunshine anymore.. I was just frozen.. Frozen with the fear of losing my Dad.. With the fear that reality was a lot harder to deal with than my bubble and the dread that my bubble had burst!

Given time.. And with the realisation that no matter what life throws at me, without my positivity I just cannot function.. I become someone else.. Someone I don't like, I got back up... Filled up on rainbows and set out with Dad to prove that positivity can beat ANYTHING!

And although we take every day as we go along.. Well we make sure we make the most of it!

It's one of the reasons I started my doodle diary in 2011..

And have continued this year too.. The 2012 edition

Dad says I make him laugh...

I must admit I find inspiration in the strangest situations..
And Dad's hospital visit was one of the strangest!

But I guess as much as I'd like to..I can't click my fingers and make it all go away..
But I can..Make people smile..giggle..see the positive.. and do all I can to help raise awareness and raise some money along the way..

SO... for this month ONLY... I have special MOVEMBER wookies!

They are £9 each + postage.. £2 from each wookie goes to Prostate Cancer UK

And for every 10 sold.. I'll donate £5 too...

All money will be donated online on the very last day of Movember
and I will share the receipt to show you how much we raised!

So..All you need to do is pick YOUR favourite colour wookie..

and then choose a colour for the moustache..
ANY colour goes..

All wookies come with the regular moustache as seen above.. 
UNLESS..You have a particular favourite tash.. If so please just send me a special request!

At no extra cost I can make the moustache your favourite shape..

As you see below..Some ladies like the Brendan Brady

But it's up to YOU!!

All you need to do to grab one of these guys is head over to the listing HERE!

So far we've raised £14 but I KNOW we can do way better than that!
Please help guys..It would really mean the world to me..

And everyone needs a Movember wookie mascot surely!???

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

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