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Monday, 8 October 2012

The week in review

This is the week that Fall arrived... Golden leaves.. Fox girl.. My new paper mache creation.. Vintage loveliness.. A walk by the sea AND in the woods.. Cuddling with my cats.. New painting plans.. Collecting Autumn treasures.. Coffee.. Happiness and hanging with the people I love! ♥

Monday was the 1st of October.. My favourite month!

I collected bits of October on my travel to school with Noah!

I adore Fall....October brings EVERYTHING snuggly!

And makes me want to try new projects... This week it was fun with paper mache..

I'd wanted to try it out for some time... Create a paper mache sculpture in my own style!

Kitty's lil fox girl..

Here it is stage by stage..

I'm so excited about this new creation... 
She's been listed in my shop HERE .. So if you could find room to spend Fall with her
please pop over to my Etsy shop and say hello!

Also my little plush version of lil fox girl is listed too.. HERE
Limited to 4 order slots due to the Fall/Christmas craziness!

Oh and I made my last Halloween wookies..
This time it was witch wookies..

I hate to say it but pretty soon I'll be making CHRISTMAS wookies!

I have lots of ideas!

Also I am hoping to try a couple more new things for me.. for fun!..
Watercolours for starters..

I'm interested to see how my doodles will look in watercolour!

Oooh yeah it was also a FAB mail week..

Amazing vintage duvet cover..

Perfect for Autumn early nights..


An amazing parcel from one of my sweetest friends ..Jess!

I adore every crazy character she makes..

Each one is different.. And Heidi here is SO SQUISHY!! I just cuddle her every day!

How awesome? The sweetest painting and most amazing plush!
You REALLY need to head over to Etsy and LOVE her shop..

All her creations have a soul..You just KNOW it! She rocks my world!

The only bad thing? She lives SO FAR AWAY!
We would have the BEST time if we lived in the same street!

So PLEASE go check her out..And if you're on Facebook go see her PAGE!
She should have a million likes.. 

In fact every time I get a parcel I SQUEAK a little!

And when this parcel arrived.. I needed a squeak!

And to remember this quote..

People who don't matter? Let them go.... You can't please everyone!

Then get back to he people who DO matter..

And remember this...

Saturday I went for a walk on the beach with Noah and Mum and Dad..

Perfect.. An empty beach in October.. HAPPINESS!

And then on Sunday I walked in the woods with my boys..

I'm so lucky to have this special wonderland 2 minutes from my doorstep..

And it was the perfect way to end the week!

Now I feel fully refreshed..Out with the old and in with the new..
Happy new week guys...BRING IT ON!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

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