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Saturday, 27 October 2012

The week in review

Some weeks are more testing than others... But all the rubbish aside.. This one was packed full of PINK.... Creativity..Cake..Colouring..And a whole lot of Autumn goodness! Nothing's gonna get ME down.. Because I can't function without my HAPPY!

And talking of HAPPY.. This was how my week started!
I'd received a flickr message saying....

Hey there!! Good evening. I'm sorry but can you please remove this photo? It will help me a lot.. This is the sorry to bother you and Thank you :(

On following the link I saw it linked to my HAPPY BUTTONS photo..

Yes this photo is MINE!! Taken in 2008 on my Birthday..
And it seemed that the reason she wanted me to remove it was because she was claiming it as her own and had entered a competition with it! AND WON!!
She'd even made up this ridiculous story on her blog..

The organisers of the competition disqualified her after discovering she was a cheat!

But it got me to thinking where else was this photo?
And the answer it seemed was EVERYWHERE!
Now I know I don't slap watermarks on my pictures and it's maybe something I should look into 

The basic internet etiquette on using photos is that you should link back to the source!
Any photos I use from elsewhere.. I always pop a link underneath to show where they came from and give full credit!

If I'm not sure I pop the image into google photo search until I find the source.. Because passing someone else's work off as your own is wrong in any circumstance!

Now I adore the website we ♥ it 
I find lots of inspirational images that really make me happy! 
It's like a little scrapbook.. A lot like Pintrest
I know a lot of these websites get bad press BUT if used correctly there should be no problem.
Just use your heart it or pin it button to share FROM THE SOURCE.. 
Lets SHARE other peoples work not STEAL it!!

Now that's my little rant over..
Let's get back to HAPPY!

The week was also full of CAKE!

Daydreaming.. Listening to my favourite songs!

Watching the skies...

Trying something new...

Which I'm STILL not sure about! But will try again soon!
After all practice helps huh!??

I did a lot of work... 
Christmas pudding wookies

A new bookmark

And finally the October HAPPY KIT..

I also started work on a custom sausage dog plush..

And MORE top secret Christmas doodles and cards..

Then there was the annual pumpkin delivery from Dad!!

WOW huh!?? He actually grows them himself.. AMAZING!

Cuddles with Wilbur..

And a very long overdue trip to the wish tree...

It's nearly empty now..Time to start again.. The rain has battered it to bits!

With a present for it from a lovely friend who knitted it a jumper for the winter months!

All in all the week turned out great!

No need to lose my head like this poor guy I found on the floor whilst walking home!

Haha happy new week guys.. Sorry it's late AGAIN!
And thanks for stopping by...

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

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