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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The week in review CATCH UP

Whoops got a little behind with my blogs last week..
So this is the week before the week in review..

A week full of rain... Creativity... Hamster fun and daydreams! ♥

Lots of rain...

Memories and feeling a little emotional.. 
It would have been my second Ethelversary... I miss that little girl!

So I made myself a special wookie to remember her by....

Like I could EVER forget...

I introduced my new plush pal to Walter...

But he wasn't his usual charming self when he met her!
Hahaha check out his expression! 

Speaking of Walter.. He got a new chew..

And he LOVED it..

Here he is having a little drinky.. Haha!! LOVE!

And being a poser... What a handsome boy!

I saw his twin at the pet shop..

Funny face!

Then I guess it was just LOTS of work....

Here's some of what I got up to..

 More cat bookmarks..

Made this card..

This Halloween themed shop doodle...

I made a special wookie...

And thought about ZOMBIES...

And even a trip to the post office is fun when it's THIS pretty..

Oh and having fun with new photo apps..

Yep well that was about it for that week...
Sorry this is SO late! 

Tomorrow.. Last weeks week in review
and the reason I got SO messed up lol!

This blog is kinda like my diary... So if nobody else even reads it...

At least I remember who and where I am!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx


Gemma A-Rob said...

i read it kitty :) i love reading what you've been up to x always someone listening when we think there isnt xx

Gill B said...

I read it too, so your not alone ya know. I love your photos aswell !!!! x