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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The week in review

Super week... Feeling the Autumn chill..New hat and gloves.. Making plush..Cuddling kitties.. Mum's Birthday.. Vintage loveliness.. A trip down memory lane... Cake and cuddles with my boys

Felt like a purple week... Not because I was blue..
BUT because it was my Mum's BIRTHDAY!!!

And she LOVES purple!

I cycled home with these flowers...

Doodled Mum this card

And I bought these cute little guys from Rebecca's Emporium

And Mum LOVED them!!!

It was a lovely day and Mum was very very happy!

Well.. Apart from that.. It was time to get ready for Autumn...

New hat and gloves..

And new gloves for Noah.. Little Blue looked after them for him!

I worked on the Wilbur the coolest cat plush.. And finished it!
Not sure if he'll make it to Plush You but I posted him on his way with everything crossed.

I've just been so crazy busy this year..So lucky that I haven't had a quiet month!
This is why I don't do wholesale or fairs..
My time is full with all my custom requests and making the stuff thats in my head for the shop!

Oh and this week it was Frankenstein wookie!

And lots of doodling... 
Most of which is top secret for now as they're either Birthday or Christmas presents..

But here's a look at a couple.. Of doodles I did.. 

I'm really pleased with them.. 
I love it when people give me their ideas and ask me to doodle for them..

It's fun to KPS people!

We also went on a wander by the water on Saturday..

And a trip down memory lane...

This is my old Brownie hut... I would stay here for weekends with the brownies when i was little..

The memories came flooding back..

The sleeping hut..The shower block..
The tuck shop where we'd get our sweets for midnight snack! Mmmm Strawberry laces!

Me as a Brownie?? 

Check this out!

Haha cute huh? So much fun!

So.. The rest of the weekend was spent snuggled up..

Camouflaged on the sofa.. 

Hanging with Walt..

Eating cake..

And kitty cuddling...

Yep all in all another fun week!

Hope you had a great one.... Here's to a new and exciting one to come!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

1 comment:

Susan van der Zwaag - Sondeyker said...

Wow Wilbur is thé coolest cat pluche!!!
Love him <3 allthough I'm not into cats, I'm a dog lover :).
So cute! Great doodles too, love your artwork.
Mmm suddenly get an idea, mmm maybe time to write you an email and send a request ;).