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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The week in review

Back to reality!! Well Kinda..Noah back to school... YEAR SEVEN!!! Woah! And me? Well it's all about getting KPS up and running like a real full time job! WOW... Super exciting!

All that and lots of doodles..New wookies.. Autumn.. Rainbow Dribble.. The new Fall happy kits.. New plush and of course my furry boys Walter and Wilbur! 

Firstly.... Did I say I got into a book!!?? 
Haha I KNOW I did! BUT Rainbow Dribble is VERY excited 
and it was the theme of this weeks Bench Monday!

I am so so proud of him being in this book!
Great to see one of my creations out there... Spreading rainbow happiness!

It was the big back to school week.... Noah started his year 7!

WOW! I have NO idea where the time flies... 
I remember his first day at first school like it was last week!

But..Here he is....

Looking cute and with his new MARVEL rucksack!

So that was my little sidekick sorted.. Time to start work at KPS headquarters


So I decided to celebrate the start of Fall with Autumn leaf wookies!

They all found homes..BUT I will be releasing more so watch out!

AND with Autumn in mind...

The new September HAPPY KIT!

Complete with mini conker puff!

Available in my Etsy shop HERE for the month of September only!!

I also did lots of custom orders..

Custom doodles

A special card...

AND bookmarks..

Oh and not forgetting the custom plush..

This cool coloured mini wookie..

And this special custom Lola the dog plush!

I must admit.. I had a hard time letting her go..She's SO soft and fluffy!!!
But I know she's gone to her perfect dream home!

So yeah I'd say doing KPS full time was pretty good!

Certainly getting loads more done!

Well..the next job was to start....
The Wilbur the coolest cat plush... 

On Saturday we went for a trip down memory lane...
A wander by the river.. A walk from my childhood

I used to love it here.... And it was just as magical!

So all in all a pretty busy but fun working week...

I got a little down but that's just me getting used to the change...

And drawing is my therapy... Making art from all kinds of emotions!

Then it was time to chill with my furry friends..

Happy new week guys... How was yours?

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx


Susan van der Zwaag - Sondeyker said...

Wow you had a great week, so much smiles this blogpost gave me. The doodles, the wookies uhm the rainbow... Oh thanks so much for sharing. You made me smile allthough I am not sad it's always good to get some extra smiles :). Hugss!

Robin Mezzanini said...

Wilbur looks like he is listening for something? His tongue is the cutest.