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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Tell me something Thursday

Happy Thursday guys!

CRAAZY busy here...
Loads of custom doodles to get done ready for posting on Monday morning!

So where were we?

Number 7... 5 pet peeves!

Haha Jacob says he could write an endless list...

But on looking up the EXACT definition of pet peeve

An irritating experience caused by others in which you cannot control.

Hahahahaha... That just sounds like my life!

but I'm gonna stick to 5..

1. Text speak in REAL LIFE... 
LOL! I mean come on.. If you laugh out loud you just do it don't you? 
Why would ANYONE need to say L O L ???
This also includes stupid words that make NO SENSE..
AND shortened versions of things..TOTES being a horrid one for me!
Sometimes the silly word is even longer than the proper one! GAH!

2. Bad manners..
Thank you!?? Excuse me!!?? Do people even know that these words exist?
If I hold the door for you and you don't say thanks, expect it to slam back in your face one day..

3. Laziness..
People who say they can't manage to do things like WORK.. But can happily swan around Disneyland on free holidays! People who just let their kids run riot because they can't be bothered to get out of the chair and actually DO STUFF with them! 

4. Rule breaking..
One rule for one and one for another.. NOT FAIR!

5. Personal space stealers..
I sit in a totally empty spot..Someone has to come and practically sit on my lap!
Go to the cinema..Sit where you like, they have to sit right next to someone else.

Empty car parks... You could be the ONLY car in there.. 
Guaranteed when you come back to your car they will have parked RIGHT next to YOU..Even though there are possibly 2500 other spaces!

Yep.. People related.. That's why my hermit life is SO PERFECT!

And when I win the lottery..
That deserted rainbow island...

It's MINE... ALL MINE!!!

What about YOU? What are YOUR pet peeves??

I's love to hear... And phew it feels SO GOOD to get it off your chest haha!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx


Cody said...

Five pet peeves??? Hmmm..

One would have to be people who mimic another person upon seeing their success - they can't BE that person, so they won't get the same results, no matter how many of their actions they copy, so they should just give up on it and be their lovely selves!

Two... People saying "There is no such thing as an original idea". They clearly just have no imagination.

Three... People that decorate their entire home in beige. It gives my color loving self anxiety.

Four... Giving up a pet for silly reasons, like buying a new house and they don't want the carpet to get dirty.

Five... Wow, I can't think of a fifth pet peeve! I suppose I am a mellow fellow. :)

Robin Mezzanini said...

... Not to rain on your rainbow parade but you do know that when you finally do make it to that wonderful deserted rainbow island that no matter how many other deserted islands there are the ones that will be found next are the ones right next to yours... ;} The hermit life is overrated (not to in any way belittle your loving of it)... but you are totally correct on the manners bit I have had so many, many, many comments on how polite and considerate my children are and I am proud of my children being noticed for positive things but come on aren't these behaviors that every child needs to have to be a productive and happier person?

So I guess that was one and two for me. Three would be similar to your personal space stealers... I cringe at huggers. My in-laws are huggers and cheek kissers upon hello's and goodbye's. I find any and every reason to be occupied at these moments and these are people I have known for many years. I can hardly contain myself when an acquaintance or "gasp" strangers try to hug me.

Three I agree with Cody above... My pets are my babies and like babies are a lifetime commitment. You wouldn't leave grandma chained to a tree or boot newborn bouncing baby boy out the door when you move or go on vacation so why an animal?

and number 5 biggest pet peeve is difficult for me to describe... I am not trying to complain but I really dislike it when others cannot "pick up/clean up" after themselves... especially when they are role modeling for the younger generations. This includes everything from my little day to day dirty clothing being left in a trail from the bedroom to the bathroom to the much larger media, politics, etc...

dawn said...

Oh I think I agree with all your peeves! I have been known to say totes, but it is usually with some sense of humour - is that allowed ;) My biggest one is people not saying thank you when you hold a door open for them - arghh! Because of course I'm their personal butler!

As for space stealers!! I can understand the cinema thing sometimes as they give you a seat number, but once I got on a double decker bus with three other people (all men), we were the only ones on the bus other than the driver, one guy went upstairs, one sat at the front, I sat at the very back in one corner, and this final guy came and sat right next to me, close enough to touch me, squashing me into the window. As soon as the bus paused in traffic I had to push by and sit somewhere else - urgh, creepy!