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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Tell me something Thursday

Hey guys.... Happy Thursday!

Today my boy went back to school... First day in year 7!
And he came back full of ambition and enthusiasm.. A great day!
Here we are hanging out together after our first hours apart in 6 weeks haha!!

So back to the Thursday list...

Number 6... My views on mainstream music!??

Hmm... Well I'm not the most knowledgeable person you'll ever meet on the subject of music... 
(That could quite probably be my brother!)

I only really listed to the one band... The Counting Crows!

Because music for me is a lot like my art... Really personal to the way I feel in my heart!
I don't just knock out a load of bestsellers.. I create art from my heart. 
I love it... And I just hope that by creating it I can express myself and attract like minded individuals.. I'm no sell out..

And for me that's kinda how I feel about music too..

You see Adam Duritz writes the songs that are in my head... 
He really touches my emotional core.

I listen to it because I believe it... I feel it!
It's written from the heart and by the man himself.

Not just like so many of the X Factor winners and manufactured bands.

I need more than a floppy haircut and a bit of eyeliner.. 
And I'm not big on flashing knickers and not talent..

I know everyone has an opinion on this.. And this is obviously just mine..
But I don't want to hear something meaningless with a good beat..
I want heartache and happiness.. But I want it REAL!

What's YOUR opinion?

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx


Anonymous said...

Your schools are different to ours, year 7 is Secondary school here.

Beki x

Susan van der Zwaag - Sondeyker said...

Mmm I don't have that much knowledge of music. I hardly listen to the words but for me it all is about if it's a nice song to dance on allthough I don't dance that much anymore. But I love the old motown hits from the sixtees/seventees... Diana Ross and the Supremes, Jackson Five and so on and on. When I hear that kind of music I have to move. Love it! Hugs!

Vicky said...

Modern music seems mainly to be about the bling a bling, bling with a dash of poptastic!! I like some of it Katy Perry and Ga Ga!!! With you on the Counting Crows as I married Mr Jones, that song will always hold a special place and it is such a happy song!!! Even though Mr Jones keeps staring ar the beautiful women!!!! Not sure I want my Mr Jones to do that too much