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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sticker Sunday

Hey guys.... Happy sticker Sunday!

This week it's all about... MEDWIN the scarecrow!

My entry for this years scarecrow competition....

And guess what!!??? He came FIRST!!!

In the traditional scarecrow category 

So here are this weeks stickers....

This week these are 4 sets of these stickers up for grabs..

Each winner will win 10 stickers (2 of each design)

All YOU have to do to be in for a chance of winning is tell us what you'd like YOUR scarecrow to look like!?? What would you call him/her?

And maybe while you're here please check out one of my other blog posts..
I'd love to get some feedback on some of my silly ramblings!

and share my blog..somewhere..anywhere..
Hang it on a plant.. Planet the seed....Tell the world!!!
In as many crazy ways as you can think of

 I will pick 4 winners!
Each winner will receive a pack of 10 Medwin the scarecrow stickers!
The 4 winners will be picked on Monday lunchtime GMT and announced here and on my 
Facebook page

Thanks so much for stopping by and GOOD LUCK!!!


Chepcher Jones said...

I love crows, do not want to scare them away, so I would have to make them come, make him more inviting :) LOL but in fact I would make it in a shape of a polar bear! This could be fun!!! I would call him Snow Feather!

emmawick said...

i would call mine Tink, and she would look all pink and girly with fairy wings!!! :-D

breezyr05 said...

i would make a scarcrow and it would an eleaphant and it would have a really long trunk and it would be all gray with ears.

Jess Clayton said...

My scarcrow would be out of the ordinary and very colourful! He would be very tall and stripey! Also big furry hands and arms as I would love to hug him! I would call him Bob, I have always loved that name and I think a short and snappy name would suit him down to the ground! Well done on winning first place, he is adorable and I would love him in my garden any day!
:) Xx

Callum Diment said...

I love pokemon so I would have to make a giant picachu, it would be 7 foot tall and when the crows came near it would shout 'pica pica'

Anonymous said...

I would have to make my scarecrow a female! She would have to wear bright pink overalls with a turquoise shirt and a highlighter yellow hat. And sparkly sneakers that were lime green. I'd name her Sassy Rose - so I could say i have "the most colorful sassy rose in my garden!"


Anonymous said...

First I would have a female scarecrow! She would wear hot pink overalls with a turquoise shirt, highlighter yellow straw hat with lime green sparkly sneakers. Her name would be Sassy Rose so I could say I have the most beautiful colorful rose in my garden!!

Robin Mezzanini said...

My scarecrow would be Monster faux farmer ish. I can picture a big hairy monster with a straw hat/overalls 6 eyes, several arms and legs, big eat you teeth.... His name would be grumbles.

Kitty Pinkstars said...

DRUMROLL....... And the winners are....


Callum Diment

Robin Mezzanini

Chepcher Jones

CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!!!! You ALL WIN Medwin the scarecrow stickers!!

If you didn't win this week..Don't despair.. Sticker Sunday is EVERY Sunday!

And this weeks stickers are available HERE...