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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sticker Sunday

Hey guys..Happy Sunday!

Well I don't know about you... But here it's the last Sunday of the Summer holidays!

BOO!!! My gorgeous young man goes back on Tuesday and into YEAR 7!

Woah! :/ Where DOES the time go!??

I swear it seems only yesterday that he was starting middle school..

Next year he'll be HIGH SCHOOL!!! WOAH!!!!

But lets not think about that..Lets think about the fun bit ...

New pencil case..

And STICKERS!!!!!!!!!!!

This week??? Well it's back to school hamsters of course hahaha!!

Well you know me..

All you need to do to be in for a chance of winning this weeks stickers is..

Tell us YOUR favourite bit of going back to school...

For me it was new stationery! 
AND my new bag... 
I always packed it perfectly and dreamt of being so tiny I could fit in the pocket!

So let us know your funny and sweet stories!

And maybe while you're here please check out one of my other blog posts..
I'd love to get some feedback on some of my silly ramblings!

and share my blog..somewhere..anywhere..
Write it in your notepad.. Write it on a paper plane....Tell the world!!!
In as many crazy ways as you can think of

 I will pick 4 winners!
Each winner will receive a pack of 8 back to school hamster stickers!

The 4 winners will be picked on Monday lunchtime GMT and announced here and on my 
Facebook page

Thanks so much for stopping by and GOOD LUCK!!!


Chepcher Jones said...

I... I did not like the school. We were moving often so it was always something new, and I did not have time to have roots, old friends. But the best thing was... I could say I am learning now, finishing my homework - and read! Because I love books :) I am so happy I do not have to go to school again... 20 years is enough :)

Gill B said...

This is like coming back to school today as I haven't been here for a while, I was on a bit of a winning streak and felt a bit guilty so I decided I needed to give someone else a chance ......................... anyway my favourite bit of going back to school was new books. Fresh and crisp, the first page was the best the title underlined so neatly and my handwriting so tiny (because I thought that made it look neat ha ha).

Happy Sunday Kitty x

sugarcrazedduckie said...

My favorite part about starting school was the back to school clothing I would get before each new year of school started. My mom would take my sister and I to the mall a couple weeks before school started to get several new outfits and a new pair of shoes. Sometimes we would go to our local mall, and other times it would almost be like a mini vacation for my family, where we would travel to other malls 2 to 3 hours away. I remember wearing out my new clothes within the first few weeks of school because I liked to play dress up with my new clothes and wear them everyday, sometimes before the first day of school even started. I miss school, I miss the people I've met, but I dont miss the homework. Haha.

Rachel Bromley said...

Hi Kitty,
Another great set of stickers, aww they are so cute!!! It's been quite a while since I left school, but I guess my favourite part about going back there after the summer hols was that I loved the idea of it being a fresh start - a chance to learn something new, use my new books, pens/pencils for the first time, be in different classes etc. New beginnings - that sort of thing :D
**tweeted & shared**

Emma M said...

I LOVED school. I think that is what made me want to become a Primary Teacher! I used to love everything about going back to school: shopping for new stationery (used to be an obsession for me!!), shopping for new clothes and bags, making sure my desk was neat and tidy for me to do my homework on and seeing all my friends of course! Presentation was a must for me at school, I was the girl with all the different coloured glittery pens that everyone wanted to borrow! I would be the nerd that, if my exercise book was getting particularly messy from all my energetic note making, I would et another exercise book and copy all my work into there. Making it even neater than before. I loved it!

Now, going back to school, I look forward to: new stationery, new clothes and bags, clearing my desk to make room for all my planning and assessing, and filling in my new teacher planners and diaries!

Gosh, I love school! :)

Jess Clayton said...

Haha! I have to agree with you Kitty! I love stationary! I was always joked about by my friends as I collected pencil cases, loved them. I dunno why I just loved going with my mum and choosing the perfect one even though I had hundreds at home! I would spend at least an hour deciding which pencils, pens, rubbers and sharpeners to take! Whenever someone needed a pencil I was the go to girl! :) Xx

Els04 said...

Good luck for your talented boy tomorow!

Kitty Pinkstars said...

AND THE WINNERS ARE......... Drumroll.......

Jess Clayton

Emma M

Rachel Bromley

Gill B

CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!!!! You ALL WIN back to school hamster stickers

If you didn't win this week..Don't despair.. Sticker Sunday is EVERY Sunday!

And this weeks stickers are available HERE...