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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Illustration friday BURST

BURST.. Break suddenly and violently apart, spilling the contents, typically as a result of an impact or internal pressure.

Well.. I have the enthusiasm of a child that some people lose in adulthood.. I'm excitable.. Fit to burst!

And if ANYONE is gonna get it... It's ME! I do tend to beat MYSELF up a bit when things go wrong!

BUT...No matter what.. I'm stuffed full of rainbows and happy sweet stuff ♥

Me.. As a pinata 

Ready to BURST!

Hope it made you smile!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

1 comment:

Robin Mezzanini said...

I miss that feeling.. being so excited about something I am ready to burst. I have found that here on FB with the artists and creators you and Ms. Hinckledoodle among a few others. I am inspired. I feel I have lost a lot of that inner imagination and creativity and am finding my way back. be the kid, stay the kid... parts of you can be the responsible, reasonable adult.