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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wookie Wednesday

Happy wookie Wednesday!!!!!!

This week it's rainbow wookies! Stuffed full of happiness and positivity!

I've made this one for myself and have listed 6 more..

Stitched in vintage rainbow fabric!

But YOU choose your face and ear colour!

Obviously I chose PINK!!

But you could have ANY colour of the rainbow!!

Each comes with a rainbow positivity aceo card telling you to be your own rainbow!

So for your chance to grab a rainbow wookie head over to my Etsy NOW!!

Well not before you've checked out a little bit of Walty!

Haha YES! I finally got the long awaited YAWN SHOT!

Was it worth the wait!!?? Hahahahaha you tell me! 

WOAH! Walty!!! That is SOME YAWN!!!!

hahahaha.. I remember dear Ethel's first yawn shot...

haha I remember thinking how crazy she looked.. 
A bit like a tiny version of the MGM lion

But Walter!??? Woah..What even IS that face all about!

And it got me thinking.. If YOU guys have a yawning wookie picture PLEASE send it to me at

I'd love to feature it on the wookie Wednesday blog!

In fact... COME ON GUYS!!! We need more wookie pics!!

Send your hamster photos in!!

Love and rainbows

Kitty and Walter! xxx

1 comment:

Susan van der Zwaag - Sondeyker said...

Whaha great pictures!! And great wookie!! Love rainbows :). Hugss!