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Friday, 17 August 2012

WOOKIE Wednesday

Hey guys!

Sorry it's late.... I just KEEP running out of time...

BUT.. I did have time to make this weeks wookies..

Sticking with the shark week theme... Here are my SHARK WOOKIES!!!

 Complete with scary fangs and fins..

Insert JAWS music *here*

Again it's been so busy that the only hamster I've had time to hang with is Walter!
But I have done some hamster doodles on my iPad..

HAHA! Yeah I know..They're not great.. But I'm just having fun for now..
And hamsters are one of my favourite fun doodle subject!

So as it's just a quick on this week... I'll leave you with my fuzzy little cloud boy..


Happy wookie Wednesday everyone!

Love and rainbows from Kitty and Walter!


Rebecca's Emporium said...

Hehe, arrrw Walter looks SO cute!
I'm very jealous of him munching on those biscuits, I love those biscuits! :D

Happy Wookie Wednesday! :)

Susan van der Zwaag - Sondeyker said...

Whaha great picture with the cookie, love it and oh he looks so frightend on the last one poor boy ;).
Wow again you made some great wookies, chapeau!
And the hamster doodles are great!!
Hugs from Susan