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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The week in review

WOOP! Week 5 of the Summer holidays.. Weather not so great this week..BUT.. Lots of creating... Cats .. Rainbows and FUN! Yeah I got the blues a little but it ended with a clear the head cycle and a good old sing song! 

Well on Monday I took Noah with Dad to the velodrome!

He was really nervous but soon got the hang of it! He was really excited about using the track bikes and felt like a real olympian!

Didn't get a great pic.. But this was his first attempt on the track bike..He did GREAT!

And boy did he LOVE it!! He hasn't stopped talking about it since!

Tuesday I made a BIG start on my entry for the scarecrow competition at my Dad's allotment..

And I mean BIG!

Aww... He just looks like he has the sweetest personality

Meet...... MEDWIN!

Noah loves him!! And when Dad saw him..... He loved him too!!!

Phew after a hard days work wrestling with giant Medwin..
Wednesday we went on an adventure....

We found a local walk that we hadn't found before... A new secret place!

WOW! So beautiful and only a 20 min cycle ride from home!

I LOVE discovering secret places!!

Ooh then it was WOOKIE WEDNESDAY!!!


And speaking of rainbows... I made a pug rainbow hoop as a custom order..

And then started work on my new bookmarks.. haha I went a little crazy!

And a couple of custom orders....

I am LOVING these custom kitty bookmarks!

So much fun getting to see everyones kitties!!!

And I designed this weeks sticker Sunday stickers in my new pet style!

My new cat and dog collection!

I will be creating badges in this range this Autumn!

Thursday I went to the cinema with my boys and we watched
The diary of a wimpy kid.. Dog days!

LOVE those films.. Noah's read all the books..SO MUCH FUN!

Then we had a sushi picnic..

haha Noah LOVES sushi..It's his favourite food...
Percy seemed to enjoy himself too!

Friday... I got the blues... Yeah it does happen sometimes..

But...Doodling in the evening made me feel happier...

Saturday..Noah went to the football with Grandad so I hung out with Mum!!

Lots of and a new pencil case and pens!

Sunday night... We had a lovely cycle ride.. I LOVE cycling in the evenings..
And with my boys..It's SO MUCH FUN!!

And the PERFECT end to another lovely week!!!

Hope YOURS was just as fab!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

1 comment:

Susan van der Zwaag - Sondeyker said...

Oh wow girl you had a great week. Wow love the scarcrow you made for your father. Love the places that you discovered and great to see you go out together and have so much fun. Little bit jealous ;).
Great bookmarks you made, love rainbowsss :)
Hope you are having a great last week too and again you made me smile over your doodlings. Love <3 your creations!!! Hugss from Susan