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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The week in review

Week 3 of the SUMMER HOLIDAY!! Full of blue skies..clouds..Walter..New plush pals from the BEST friends..Cream teas..Wookies..Olympic fun..Walks in the countyside..Ice creams..Ethel sweetness..Lots of work..And LOADS of silliness!!

First we went back to the good old days by making paper dolls!

But not just any old paper dolls... ADVENTURE TIME dolls!

Noah made Finn and Jake.. Jacob made Tree Trunks
And I made..



Tuesday we went for a cream tea at our favourite tea room..

We love it there..We go EVERY year!

Then there was WOOKIE WEDNESDAY!
All OLYMPIC style!


And mini packs too...

And staying in with the Olympic theme.. 
This months Happy Kits have a positive GO FOR GOLD theme!

And even come with a gold puff medal!

Also this week I made a custom ARTIST WOOKIE...

AND a fairy wookie...

I'll be putting 5 custom wookie slots up this week so you'll be able to choose your own wookie!

I made a cotton candy pink unicorn puff.. It's been a while!

AND I made LOTS of personalised cards!

SO much fun... I LOVE doodling custom cards!

I have been so busy with requests that I have had to close my order book until the end of the month.. But I will let you know as soon as I am ready to take on more!

All my cards are £5 + postage!

It was also an AMAZING week for mail!

LOOK at my new friends from Pink sprinkles plush and Cannibalised Cuties

Mini Basil... Mr Munch and Snoozie!

Snoozie actually arrived just in time! I've not been sleeping at all well.. 
So the perfect time for a sleep monster..

And... Look what arrived from the AMAZING Strawberry Anarchy

One of her tiny little pot heads.. In the style of my hamster doodles!
In tribute to MY ETHEL!!

WOW! Isn't it amazing!??? I am so touched by each and every present I have received for my Ethel collection! She will NEVER be forgotten!

And here are the latest blooms on the Ethel rose!

They smell so beautiful and I talk to my rose every day!

I love flowers... Noah and I went to the park and took lots of photos..

We had lots of silly fun...


On Saturday we went for a wander in the woods... It feels like the seasons are changing!
And that makes me smile!

Sunday we had a lovely cycle ride to grab some snacks for the Olympic closing ceremony..

Then we chilled out.. With Walty! 

Well done Walty you got GOLD!

AND a cuddle with Noah!!

HOW CUTE!!!!????????

The perfect end to the week!

Happy New week guys! Have fun!!!

Love and rainbows..Kitty xxx


Chepcher Jones said...

Awesome!!! :)

Els04 said...

Looks like a perfect week!!!

Susan van der Zwaag - Sondeyker said...

Have been busy last week so stopping by now ;). My birthday was last thursday so have been busy preparing and afterwards being lazy hihi.
Wow great things you've made, great custom made cards they are to cute!!
But also the (mmm have to look up the word ;)) wookies you made wowww to cute, I'm sure you will find lovers for that. The artist one is beautiful and the unicorn one I love, I love fantasy figures, so love unicorns.
I just ordered the newest set of oracle cards from Doreen Virtue, but these are angel tarot cards and they have some amazing designs with unicorns. So colourful! They are great!!
Looks like you and Noah had a great time together :).
Hope you had a great 4th week too.
Hugs from Susan