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Monday, 6 August 2012

The week in review

WOW! What a wonderful week... I turned 38! haha awesome huh!?? And the week was full of awesomeness!!!!

Cake.. Balloons.. New stuff.. New creations.. Sunshine.. trips out and BANANAS!!!!

YEP it was my BIRTHDAY!!!!! 31st July at 7am I turned 38!

I love it...So funny! When I was little that seemed SO OLD! But I am still being silly and having fun! Wrinkles? Nah not yet haha!

Anyway here are some of my Birthday photos...

When I came downstairs Jacob had filled the room with candy coloured balloons!

I had some awesome presents...
Plush pugs.. Etsy goodies..Vintage clothes.. 


AND an iPad! WOOP!  

I am was soooo LUCKY!!

Mum and Dad came round.. Dad had baked me this delicious coffee cake!

And we had a birthday tea!

 Mum and Dad gave me this yummy sunshine vintage cardigan..

A candy pink vintage dress and this gorgeous set of rainbow drawers 
to keep my felt in!

Yippee for organisation!
No more scrabbling at the bottom of a giant box..

And this present inspired this thank you doodle!

Haha.. Poor Dad! He always ends up in a sticky situation in my Dad doodles!

And when Mum was leaving she noticed the rose outside..

This rose in my front garden is always a candy pink.. But when Mum saw it on my Birthday she said.... It's changed colour! It's the exact colour of the roses your Dad bought me 38 years ago when you were born! I just thought it was a sweet magical story ♥

I got some magical mail from Heidi of LittleNore fame!

LOOK!!!! It's clown ME...Heidi style!!

WOW! I love it so! Isn't it amazing!!???

Oh and the fabric behind... Thats my new vintage dress!

I worked on lots of doodles and cards for people this week!
They've become my best seller by far...

Some are secret for now but here are a couple...

I have a long list to work through and I'm really excited by all the interest!

I feel really positive.. Especially as I'm just starting full time!

Also this week I stitched a new art hoop..

It's in my shop here.. I'm hoping to do a whole lot more of these in the lead up to Christmas!

On Saturday we went to the local county show..

I have always loved these.. As a child I couldn't wait to see the animals..
Especially the ferrets! NOTHING has changed!

Ferret racing was STILL my favourite bit!

Hahaha... We put our money on white, but then I had a good feeling about yellow so snuck an extra ticket! YELLOW WON!!!

Noah loved the ferrets too.. He paid 20p to stroke this little cutie!

I adore this photo!

We had such a great day... Dad loved the heavy horses best..
 And we all had a good laugh at the dog show!

And then Noah won the prize he had set his heart on!
Well he won a ticket to get it for half price..And he loved it so much
Mum treated him... 
Hahaha I mean there were some regular sized bananas he could have won!

But oh no.. Not MY NOAH!!

He decided on this one..

Hahaha... Look at that face! 

So SPLITS now lives in our tiny dolls house! lol

Already he's one of the family!! We're ALL bananas here!

Sunday we took it easy but headed out later for a Sunday evening cycle ride..

The best fun...

 And there you have it... That's MY week

How was YOURS????

Is the party over!???? NAAAAAH the party's never over!

Have an amazing week guys!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx


dawn said...

Happy belated birthday Kitty! Looks like you had an awesome week! :)

Susan van der Zwaag - Sondeyker said...

Wow what a week!! I've been allready reading about it in your other blogposts, but what an energy you have, wish I could have some to do such a lot.
I'm now trying to get our terrace jn the garden ready for next week, my birthday. So I don't have to do everything at the last moment. It took me hours to just do the smallest part and not even the dirtiest part. But did wash the windows on the outside, now my lunch is finished and will move on to the part which really needs some cleaning. Pfff also have to make time to cook but I just skip that and try to put all kinds of restovers together or open a can of soup. Lots of greets from Susan