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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Tell me something Thursday

Hey guys... Today is a GOOD day! 

I got awesome mail from my lovely friends at


You gotta check these guys out! They are super talented and totally cool!

Ok so back to the tell me something list!

This week it's number 2..
Something you feel strongly about!

Haha well that could take a long long time! 
Ask Jacob.. I'm really passionate about things I believe in
I vehemently fight for what I believe is right.. There's not a lot of grey with me!

But I will choose POSITIVITY as today's talking point!

And how I strongly believe that it is one of the greatest forces around us..

People often ask me how I am so upbeat and full of energy..
And the truth is.. I'm not always that way at all.

I just believe that with a bit of get up and go as my Mum always called it.. A smile..
A positive slant and putting on a brave face can get you through so much!

My art is one of the ways I express myself.. 

There's a whole lotta rainbows there...

BUT also my fears...insecurities and anxiety!

I've had many forms of anxiety since a child.. The main one being separation anxiety!
I thought everyone felt this way and it was normal.

But when I suffered from agoraphobia for a couple of years I realised it was
becoming a problem.

I write my feelings down a lot.. I find it helps and i do get things off my chest
but I don't DWELL..

That is the worst mistake.. I pick myself up and tell myself


And I believe in myself!

Yes.. I really believe that positive thinking works wonders..

The old fashioned get up and get on with it that my Mum taught me as a child has stayed with me!

Not every day is a good day..

BUT something good happens every day!

Be your OWN sunshine.. Make rainbows.. Spread happiness!

Take time out if you're feeling low but don't let it beat you and make people smile!

REMEMBER.. People won't remember what you said

BUT they'll ALWAYS remember how you made them feel!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx


Susan van der Zwaag - Sondeyker said...

What a great blogpost, love it!
Yeah I'm miss Positive herself too.
When there are difficulties in life I always try to see the bright side, to see the reason why something like that happens.
I have a strong belief in God and the Angels and believe things happen for a reason. So I go with the flow and try to relax as much as possible and enjoy life.
No I'm not taking everything out of life, i listen more and more to my body, take rest when I need it and try not to feel guilty about it.
I don't meet that much new people in real life, because most of the time I'm at home doing my thing but these days I share my wisdom, my positivity via the internet. Just like you made me smile now with your great drawnings!
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!
Hugs and greets from Susan

Maximonstertje said...

Love this post, Kitty, and I truly admire you for your strenghth and warmth! I'm a huge fan of positivity as a healing factor too! It helps so much to try to approach problems in life in a positive way! Thank you so much, in the past year I've been on Etsy I've loved reading your posts (blog and facebook alike) and they always managed to put a smile on my face! Happy weekend! <3 xxx

Susan van der Zwaag - Sondeyker said...

Oh I'm over the moon...mmm how can I best express myself after getting such great mail on our doormat. Yessss jippie johooo jump jump (not literally ;))... Thank you so much for your mail and all those lovely things. Oh I allready feel that's my birthday and that's on thursday ;). Oh wow girl your images make me smile, so wonderfull and I just shower them to my daughter (19) and she loves them too and made her smile too.
Thank you so very much!! Big hugs from Susan