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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Stuff I love Saturday and sticker Sunday

Haha hey guys! Happy sticker Sunday!

Yesterday was a  little busy so I didn't blog about anything I loved..
BUT... Hahaha this was what I loved..

My Noah's face when he FINALLY got the prize he wanted!
Yeah there were regular sized bananas he could have won..

BUT..No.. He had his heart set on this one!

And it inspired this weeks stickers..

Fruity hams!

Are you getting YOUR 5 a day??

All you have to do to be in for a chance of winning this weeks stickers
is tell us YOUR favourite fruit!

Me? Well I'm CRAZY about lemons..

I always eat the slice from the bottom of my glass when I have a drink!

But as you don't just chew through them..

I vote MANGO

But I LOOOOOOOVE dragon fruit too!!!!!

And maybe while you're here please check out one of my other blog posts..
I'd love to get some feedback on some of my silly ramblings!

and share my blog..somewhere..anywhere..
Write it on a banana skin....Tell the world!!!
In as many crazy ways as you can think of

 I will pick 4 winners!
Each winner will receive 12 of my stickers 2 of each design!

The 4 winners will be picked on Monday lunchtime GMT and announced here and on my 
Facebook page

Thanks so much for stopping by and GOOD LUCK!!!


Beki said...

Like you I love lemons but I think I'd have to go for kiwis :o) xx

Jess :) said...

I LOVE Strawberries! My favourite past time is picking strawberries with the family and taking them home to gobble them up even though I must admit we did sample a few while picking! :P! Strawberries are amazing and as a treat I love nothing more than dipping them in chocolate! nom nom nom! :D Xx

Chepcher Jones said...

Cucumbers! Yeah I know it is not a fruit... but have You ever tried them with honey :)

Susan van der Zwaag - Sondeyker said...

I love strawberries but actually don't eat them that often, but when it's my birthday (one and a half week from now) I always get a birthdaypie with strawberries. Love it and so does the rest of family and friends. It's gone within now time. So first thought about picking bananas love to eat them, but will go for strawberry because those I really love!
Hugs and greets from Susan

Susan van der Zwaag - Sondeyker said...

Great prize by the way which Noah won. He must love bananas ;).

Emilie Proctor said...

I looove strawberries and bananas! I'm gonna go eat a banana right now, yum!!

breezyr0505 said...

i love watermelon yummy.i love eating it on really hot days.

HinckleDoodle said...

I love green grapes and dried mango! I eat green grapes in a particular way, where I eat the skin off first, giggle because it's naked, and then eat it. Weird, but I've done it since I was little. And now my daughter does it too lol And dried mango is just life-changingly yummy! <3
Ooh and apples with peanut butter is also a go-to fave for me. I just love fruit!

Helen Clancy said...

Love these stickers!!!! So cute! I have got a bit of s phobia about bananas can't stand the taste or smell but strangely your banana ham sticker is my favourite!! As for my favourite fruit I love red grapes they are so crispy and refreshing!! Xx :0)

jO said...

Raspberries are my favourite and apples come a close second as my everyday snack. I love how Noah wouldn't settle for a regular banana... when I saw that post on Facebook it really made me smile :)

kitty said...

I love apples, strawberries and whip cream, and bananas!I also adore these stickers and if I do win them it would be the PERFECT birthday present for myself! :D

Claudieboo said...

Eeeeeek! I Think I NEEEED these ones... being fruity!

Not sure what my favourite fruit is.. I have several.. kiwi's, goosberries, raspberries, cherries, watermelon, pineapples, strawberries, banana's and... eeeek! I love so many (though I don't eat enough)they're all even better when they're in a pie! ;)

Fab stickers Kitty ♥

Rebecca's Emporium said...

Arw Kitty! These are so cute!! :D

I'm aweful when it comes to eating fruit :( I used to LOVE kiwis when I was a kid! I still do, I think, I haven't had one in years!! *puts on shopping list*!!

But my utter fav is pink grapefruit! At uni I used to treat myself to one, and spend days just smelling it before eating it :) mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I want one know! xx

Kitty Pinkstars said...

And the winners are..... DRUMROLL...

Susan van der Zwaag - Sondeyker



Rebecca's Emporium


Please email your addresses to and I'll send them out to you!

And REMEMBER there's ALWAYS NEXT WEEK!!!! Sticker Sunday is EVERY Sunday!

If you didn't win though and you want to grab some for yourself.. They're on sale HERE..

Susan van der Zwaag - Sondeyker said...

Oh wow I won that's superrr! I just send you an email and I'm very curious hoe they look real :). Thank you very much. Hug Susan