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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sticker Sunday

Hey guys...

This weeks sticker Sunday... Actually isn't anything to do with stickers!

HOWEVER... I WILL be making stickers of this doodle! 

BUT..... Because it's the last day of the Olympics and the big closing ceremony

I'm giving away 3 of my olympic medal mini puffs..


All YOU need to do to be in for a chance of winning one of these is...

Leave a comment telling us what YOU'D go for gold in at Kitty's rainbow olympics?

For me? Hmm... Using my imagination or daydreaming! Haha!

Don't be shy..Tell us what you're good at!


Remember..Shoot for the moon..Even if you miss you'll land amongst the stars!

and share my blog..somewhere..anywhere..
Share it at YOUR olympic party!
In as many crazy ways as you can think of

 I will pick 3 winners!
The first picked will be bronze..Second silver and third GOLD!!!
The 3 winners will be picked on Monday lunchtime GMT and announced here and on my 
Facebook page

Thanks so much for stopping by and GOOD LUCK!!!


Chepcher Jones said...

Balancing on a rainbow, kind of gymnastic with a very cool jump into the swimming pool - with ribbons of course or... dancing with unicorns! I could be good in it!
Could be fun! :)

jO Scott said...

I love these and I love how the Olympics have inspired so many people, I've really enjoyed the games and felt so happy throughout them. I think you should actually hold kitty's rainbow Olympics, it sounds brilliant. I'd go for gold with rainbow nail art - i think I'll actually try it once my Olympic nails have chipped :)

cutedesigns said...

Ooooo.. cool beans!

I think I'd go for gold with eating! *blush* I think I'm pretty good at that. :P And I enjoy it very muchly! But failing that and in the event there's no food about I'd say crocheting and cat cuddles....

But... can I go for silver instead? As I love silver so much more than gold... :)

Jess :) said...

Lovely idea after a brilliant games!:)
I would have to say Knitting/Crochet! I took up knitting last September due to being out of work due to suffering from anxiety and OCD and waiting for treatment! I needed a hobby which I could do by myself and try to distract myself! Also it needed to be something I would enjoy! My nan introduced me to it and instantly fell in love, I was knitting everything and you can only guess what everyone got for Christmas! Then after a few months past I picked up a magazine which was about knitting and crochet, I thought it looked very interesting and of-course looking at the things you could create (which were really cute), I had to try it out! Then I was on Facebook and saw on a craft page people sharing their products that they had made! I thought what an amazing idea, to share your love for something with others and make them smile! So I think I'd give gold ago by knitting my way to the line!
Thanks Again, and good luck everyone - can't wait to see the talents other people have!
Lots of Love
Jess :D Xx <3

EmmaQ said...

I'd be going for Gold at discovering something new every day. Today it was finding KittyPinkStars thanks to a friend on FB! As a Mummy to a 10 month old we are making new discoveries all the time!! A medal would look amazing in his nursery!! X x

Rachel Bromley said...

Hi Kitty,
Lovely little puffs, I bet the Olympians would wear them proudly if they could :D As for an Olympic sport I would be good at mmm... well I think you may have an competitor in the Day Dreaming event :D I'm always day dreaming me, always coming up with new things to do & to draw oww doodling could be my second event as well :D

**Shared & tweeted**

Leyanne Hwang said...

I will go for the gold by making stickers! I love it very much! My friend and I will be happy to having a medal... any medal! ♥

Gemmii56 said...

Its not so much a sport or anything really but I like to think myself as a good listener. I listen to my friends, family and well anyone really. I have a face for people to talk to.... not to mention I talk alot myself... perhaps i would get a medal for talking and listening. Hmmmm. My friends and I tend to sit at a dinner table for hours talking... I think it should be an Olympic sport personally. ;)

I think as long as I am there to listen to people and they feel like they have someone who cares then I've done my job :)

Deborah Cardinal said...

Oh they are so cute! I don't know what I'd go for gold in, maybe eating cakes, I'm excellent at that, especially now I work in a cake shop!

Amanda Q. said...

I would slide down the rainbow, and land in the huge pool of raindrops, then swim to the end as fast as I could so I could get the world record and get a gold medal. I would love to participate in as many different things as I could, just for fun though, because in Kitty's world everything is so bright, colorful and fun, you would hate to miss out on anything! :) <3

Helen Clancy said...

Such a great idea to celebrate the Olympics!!! I love them all!!! The event I would enter at your Rainbow Olympics would be doodling although I am no where near as good as you lol also you could have a mini event for the furrys to take part in, Lottie Bear (my little black hammy) would be great at the Monkey bars!! xx :0)

amanda Farquhar said...

I'd be entered in the hammer horror movie race, I could watch one after the other to get to the line. That or eating choc buttons race.

amanda Farquhar said...

I'd be entered into the hammer horror marathon. The more films you would watch the closer you would get to the finish line. That or eating choc buttons race.

Anonymous said...

Gymnastics with a crazy horse named Rueben who has a horn glued on his head and a swimming competition with synchronized hamsters :)

Breezyr05 said...

I love the medals they are so cute i would wear it all the time.I think at the Kitty's rainbow olympics i would go for the gold by drawing or swimming(i really love swimming) or collecting things such as your amazing creations.:) <3

Emilie Proctor said...

I would enter a sewing event or I would join the cake eating event with ^^^Debra lol! Mmmm... Cake!

Emma Wick said...

would never expect anything better. what with being a beautiful unicorn. it comes unexpected xxx

Rebecca's Emporium said...

Eeey! Kitty these are an amazing idea! and so cute :)
I'd try for gold in needle felting. I know I've still got lots to learn about it, but I love it so much, and I adore finding little characters in amongst the fluff! :D

paula said...

I would take part in cloud basketball! I usually bounce around alot while playing basketball so what a better place to bounce around than clouds?:D. I could shoot hoops in sunshine hoops and my team uniform would be 2012 kitty olympics!

Rose said...

I think I would get gold in sharing cute cat pictures on Facebook. It would be hanging on rainbow ribbon of course :)

Original Art By Clare said...

Well it would have to be painting and creating yummy things...something I love to do!Also I would enter my two bunnies in the Show Jumping...they would jump over rainbows just for you Kitty! ♥ Shared and Tweeted xx

Original Art By Clare said... would have to be drawing and painting for me...not sure I am good enough to win a Gold, but I would love taking part anyway! I'd also enter Bramble and Bungee our bunnies for the Rabbit Show Jumping...they would jump over Rainbows for you Kitty ♥♥ Shared and Tweeted! xx

Anonymous said...

I think i would get gold for competitions on facebook ....loveddddddd mary carroll

Misty ~ Mystik Dezigns said...

Sewing marathon! LOL Making silly willy creations :) sharing now xx

Kitty Pinkstars said...

Drumroll...... And the winners are...

BRONZE.... Emma Wick

SILVER... Rebecca's Emporium

AND...... GOLD.... Rachel Bromley

Well done guys!!!!

Please email me your addresses to and I'll post your prizes off to you!

And if you didn't win this time... Next week there'll be another giveaway so keep an eye out!

Thanks for joining in guys ..... All of your answers were so much fun!!!