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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wookie Wednesday

Hello guys! And welcome to this weeks WOOKIE WEDNESDAY!!!

This weeks wookies are CRAYON WOOKIES!!!

Inspired by my creative week and new goodies going into the shop I created a rainbow collection of crayon style wookies..

And matching aceo cards

These little guys are in my shop HERE!

The inspiration for these came from my new and very first COLOURING BOOK!

This first issue is the HAMSTER issue.. Full of doodles of everyones favourite wookie friends!

Well MINE anyway.. Haha..

Here's a sneak peek!

These colouring books are on sale here. I do hope you guys like them!? They are a really exciting adventure for me.. And something I've wanted to do for a LONG time!!

Hopefully this is the first step..Watch this space!

Something else I tried this week for the first time was painting!
Well the very first time since school..

I was a little nervous about putting it out there.. 
BUT it has already found a home so I'm very excited and inspired to stick at it!

Well that's all my news on the wookie front..Sadly no time for wookie window shopping here

My friend Helen has just adopted some new hamster friends.. 
And whilst two are still a little camera shy..

Meet Myrtle

Isn't she cute? 
And saved by the lovely hamster loving Helen from a lady who was just getting rid!

I do wish people would put more thought into pets.. It doesn't matter how tiny they are
ALL animals deserve the same love..respect and care!

Lets spread the wookie love!

Walter says hi by the way..He's just a little busy digging for pumpkin seeds..

And playing the cheese slice wobble board!

Thanks so much for stopping by guys... Happy wookie Wednesday!

Love and rainbows Kitty and Walter xxx


Naomi Loo said...

<3 the colourfulness :)

Beki said...

Love the wookies :o)