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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wookie Wednesday

Hey guys..... Happy Wookie Wednesday!

This week its been so busy that I'm just checking in... BUT! Here are this weeks wookies..

Iced Gem wookies!!

Inspired by... Trolls..

And iced Gem biscuits which I LOVED as a girl!

And with those inspirational images in my mind.. The iced gem wookies were created!

Complete with aceo cards!

Little cards of HAPPINESS to keep with you and remind you to BE HAPPY!

Well..It HAS been a CRAZY busy week so no time for trips to the pet shop..

Here's a fan pic.... From Rhaeii..

Thanks Rhaeii.... What a sweet picture!


I have been working on custom wookies.. So I'll share them with you!

There are still some wookies left in my shop

THIS GUY is still looking for his forever home..

So thanks for stopping by guys.... 
Hopefully NEXT WEEK there will be some hamster colouring books available for sale!
Fingers crossed..
In the meantime.. If YOU have any ham pics..PLEASE send them in and I can share them!

Oh and if you have any wookie FAN pics.. Please send them my way..My email is

BIG LOVE from me and WALTER!!!!


Chepcher Jones said...

I could eat them! :) but never tried those cookies :(

Helen Clancy said...

Another adorable Wookie Wednesday!! So sweet love their little quiffs!! I would love one but I don't get paid until next week :0( hopefully you will still have one left in your shop but somehow I doubt it there are only 2 left!! I am really looking forward to the hammy colouring books, you are never too old to colour in lol
Sorry I didn't get my hammy photos to you in time for this week I will send them soon I promise and I am going to take some of my Wookie collection too!! xx :0)

Miek said...

Waaah, they are so cuuuute :D