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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The week in review

WOW! A big change week.. A week full of kitties..crafting.. yummy with my boys and GOODBYES!! ... End of term always makes me feel weird! BUT this time not only was it goodbye to year 6 for Noah but goodbye to my 6 years with the kids as a dinner lady! And I feel better than I have in AGES! Change IS good! It makes you scared but it makes you stop and THINK!!!

Awesome mail this week...

Meet Bortwell

Isn't he adorable? I love him SO MUCH!!!

And this amazing print...

from MimiLove

Isn't it AWESOME!?? Wow! Rodent related stuff makes me smile so much!

Haha speaking of which..

Here's Walter!

Well.. A sneaky peak! I'm saving the other pics for tomorrows WOOKIE WEDNESDAY!

And here are team furry...


And my furry boy Walter!

Yeah it was a winding down kind of week...
End of term and lots of goodbyes!

I'd worked at the school for 6 years as a dinner lady.. Not the kind that slaps your food on the plate but the kind that actually wants to play outside and have fun!

But it was time to go..

I had a wonderful lunch and drink with my workmates..

And some wonderful sweet presents from them.. The funniest friends!

Man I'm gonna miss them! And they say they'll miss me! Haha well it will be quiet! And maybe not as crazy bright! But I'll be back to see them.. I'm gonna peddle up there on Ralph and say hi!

On Saturday we went for a wander by the sea..

The sky was magical and stormy!

And Sunday.. 
We had sunshine! So I cycled to the cinema with my boys to see The Amazing Spiderman!


He was the best Spiderman for me..FACT! I was SO excited.. The Lizard has always been my favourite Marvel baddie!

Then we went to Nando's! YUM!!!!

And a fully bellied cycle home! Phew!

So... Now..It's 6 weeks with my boy and lots of work to fit it
because it's KPS full time!


I'm ready for magical adventures! Lets get living!

Thanks so much for popping by.. Jump on the rainbow! It's gonna be exciting!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

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