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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The week in review

Super colourful week... Crayon wookies..Awesome mail..Chatting with friends..New plush friends.. My furry sidekicks..Painting..New vintage clothes..New ideas..Big dreams.. And a feeling of contentment that I haven't truly felt in a long time!

It started well with a lovely card from a friend!

I LOVE how people see hamster cards and think of me!

Then I decided to try something NEW... SO for the first time since school
I painted!

Jacob bought me some tiny paints..

So with them in my hand and hamsters on the brain.. I started..

And here's my end result

I was really pleased with it as a first attempt and it is signed and numbered 
as number 1.

It was bought by a lovely friend... And I hope to do a lot more.. It was lots of fun!

It was actually quite a productive colourful week...

Last weeks wookies were CRAYON wookies!

The purple one was the most popular colour.. 
And if you have your eye on one, I still have a few colours left in the shop

These guys were inspired by the creation and release of my new colouring book

Haha of course..Also inspired by hamsters!
It's been a real success with some great feedback so I'm really happy!
Next time it'll be a cats one!

So watch out all you crazy cat ladies!!

And speaking of which... I had a lot of help from my kitty pals last week!

I got some awesome mail too...

New/old clothes.. Well new to me but vintage!

An envelope from a fun project I'm doing with The Elevated Envelope

And THEN... Woop! My new friend from Heart Felt Design

I named her Flossie... And I LOVE her!

SEE... We were made for each other!

Well it seems that Wilbur is a little keen too..

And after a comment from a friend about what their offspring would look like..
I did a little doodle..

Haha.. Cuteness huh?

Well then I took Noah and his friend to see the magic that was supposed to be the local event of the year.. The Olympic torch travelling through our town!

I HATE to say it..But it was quite the anticlimax.. 
Basically a whole load of people dancing on the back of advertising vans 
followed by a blink and you'll miss it torch appearance!

Note to all local councillors.. Maybe if you would like us all to be proud of our area
and feel like coming together and joining in.. Then some floats would have been nice,
something creative decorated by local schools etc..

Not a load of lycra clad wallies dancing to bad dance music!

Even my hairy boys felt a little cheated!

BUT..They had a sleepover! 

And when you have a sleepover at MY house you get sweets...

And then after the party find it tough going the next day!

Haha my funny sleepy boy!

Sticker Sunday stickers were Wilbur inspired...

And are available in my shop HERE

I'm planning embroidery hoops..brooches and magnets based on these doodles!
So watch this space guys!

I'll leave you with Walter playing the cheese slice wobble board..

And a quote that really spoke to me..

I's love to hear what you've been up to.. What are your plans? Have YOU tried anything new?
I love your comments guys.. 

Happy new week guys! Lets make magic happen!!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

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