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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Week in review

A super creative productive week... Making plans..moving on and getting ready for new adventures.. Come on guys.....Who's with me??? 

Well last week was SO CRAZY I got really behind with all my blogs..
Mainly because I was working working working..

Here are some of the goodies I made..

First was WOOKIE MADNESS!!!!

And then HAPPY KITS...

This month it's my BIRTHDAY month so this months kit is PARTY HAPPY!!!!

Also..I did some custom doodles..

And here are a few more I haven't shared before...

And a couple of secret ones which I can reveal next week..

So with all that going on I'm sure you can understand why I forgot about my blog a little!

After all I'm busy running my little KPS business whilst being a Mum AND working part time!

Well.. That's all about to change. YEP..The decision was made.. I made the jump!

I handed in my resignation.. 
So as of the end of the Summer term and at the end of July

Not only do I turn 38..BUT I also will be doing my art FULL TIME!!!

Excited!?? Hell yeah!!

Sometimes fate just gives you the push you need to pursue your dreams..

So YES!! I finally feel free... No more chasing my tail! 

I'm actually amazed I fit it all in for so long!

Wilbur didn't seem so excited about it...

Funny boy!

Anyway.. What else happened last week?


A fab superhero WOW painting from the lovely Piggle's art

And for me....

Yep..You guessed it! More loveliness from the AMAZING Heidi
at Little Nore. WOW! I adore her stuff SO MUCH!!!


My amazing mobile from PinkCheeksStudios


Me..My boys.. Ethel and Walter all on the most magical plush mobile ever created!

It fits in here just PERFECTLY!

After all I AM addicted to her plush.. I already had 10!

I have some super sweet creative friends.. Like the awesome Jess at Cannibalised Cuties

It was her Birthday so I drew her a doodle

I thought one of the two of us would be perfect..
 We have so much in common and I just wish she lived in the same street..
Well the same country would be a start!

I also dedicated my Self Portrait Thursday to her..

Me and the boys.. Percy and Benny.. Created by the lady herself!!

So all I needed to top the week off were some rainbows....

And when my banner and new business postcards arrived.. I had plenty!

But a few extra don't hurt do they!???

So all that's left to mention..Is the ham the myth the legend that is...WALTER!!

Haha my sweet little boy says hi!

Happy new week guys... Lets fill it full of adventures!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxxx


Mandy said...

What a wonderful, productive week you've had!
Big congrats on taking the big plunge! That's so exciting!
And that shot of your room with all the plushies...LOVE. I'd repaint my art room pink right now if it didn't mean taking down WAY too many pictures.

Tami from GretelCreations said...

congrats on doing your art full time! How exciting!!! <3 Tami