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Monday, 2 July 2012

The week in review

CRAAAZY busy week... Surprised I had any time for creativity what with all the goings on at school... Sports day..School Disco and Summer fun night! BUT I did manage to squeeze in LOADS of doodles some hamster aceos.. Woookies and puffs... Cat cuddling and a chip date with my Jacob!

First of all here's my Ethel rose.... I wish you could smell it! It's amazing!

Well yes it was a crazy week.. Trying to fit everything in was madness!

Tuesday Jacob and I went for tea with this guy..

And then to sports day..

Sports day was fun..The rain held off for a bit..PHEW!

Noah did the 150m sprint and the circular relay! 

No ribbons this year but he gave it his all and I was super proud!

Then on Wednesday evening it was the school disco..
But why should the kids have ALL the fun?

Jacob and I always go on a chip date while he's dancing the night away and eating sweets!

Hahaha we are SO SILLY!

I love Summer evenings... Watching the sun disappear!

We didn't have the sunset I wanted... But it was beautiful anyway!

And then I had to rush back and set up WOOKIE WEDNESDAY!

I didn't release any new ones this week... BUT.. I did make aceo cards!

All hamsters of course.. Well it was for Wookie Wednesday!
And I offered 10 slots for people to order either a back issue wookie or custom!

AND... All 10 were snapped up! I am so happy that people love the wookies!

And that somebody ordered an Ethel wookie!

I made the first ever turquoise unicorn puff..

I also did LOADS of custom doodles..

But with all this going on I still had some time for Kitty cuddling...

Haha me and my little vampire girl... Dollie!

And my funny furry Wilbur boy....

What a dude!

Oh and when it was time for the June rafle draw.... Wellie was happy to help!

Well kinda! haha!

H... What else happened? 

Well Noah and his pal made £15 each on their tombola at Summer fun night!

I got a new phone case...

And spotted these funny clouds..

Oh and I realised I have a slight problem.... I'm a cardiganaholic!

Is it a problem yet?? Haha but I do only have 2 pairs of shoes and they're both identical!
So this is MY THING! Cardigans!

Oh and I watched an amazing film... We Need to Talk about Kevin.

Dark..disturbing.. But visually magical and totally compelling..
Wonderfully acted... Blew me away!

And introduced me to my new movie crush.. Ezra Miller!

WOW! He has such an amazing face! I just can't take my eyes off him!!

Now I need to track him down in his other movies..

Crushes are fun!

Well there you have it.. MY WEEK!

Oh and in case you think I'm forgetting..... Here's Walter..

And here..With his very first egg biscuit..... LOVE!

SO.. How was YOUR week? I'd LOVE to hear!

Please pop by and say hi...

 Are you looking forward to anything special this week?

I'm looking forward to Wookie Wednesday and getting to work on my first colouring book!

Happy new week!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

1 comment:

LittleGreenGuy said...

Wow looks like you had some fun :) What is a chip date? I love your custom doodles, I may have to have you make one of me with a little green guy and my fam eventually :) Fabulous!

Keep creating, I love your work!