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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Treasury Tuesday

Hey guys....

Well today is my Birthday!

And what an amazing day I've had... I was so spoilt!

I had some fabulous presents..

Awesome plush.. A sweet knitted art bag.. Vintage dress.. Rainbow storage draws.. Spending money for my new art table 

AND .... An iPad!


And a fabulous day with the people I love most in the world!

So to celebrate this special not long left in my 30's Birthday.... Here's a magical little treasury!


After the most magical day with the people I love most in the world..Here's a little collection of things that remind me of my special day!

If you'd like to see these goodies up close please click here!

Thanks to all my facebook friends and followers for your Birthday wishes!

You all make my every day sunshine worth it!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

The week in review


First week of the Summer holidays!

What a wonderful week.... First week of the Summer holidays.. We had a clear out.. A trip to the beach..Cycle rides.. Spent time at the allotment.. Made lots of stuff and most importantly just hung out TOGETHER!! ♥ Love your life.. It's the only one you've got! Fill it with fun!

Bench Monday was a cute monster one..

It was a wonderful sunny day..BUT I was inside clearing up my little under the bed work area

It's ok though because its always super sunny in my little pink house!

This is the view at the end of my bed!

My art for Jacob!

THEN.... Tuesday we went to the beach!

Bortwell was REALLY excited!

I love it by the sea SO MUCH!!!

This is a reason to be happy its Summer... Our secret quiet spot on the beach.

Not a soul in sight.... HEAVEN!

And when we found clay in the sea... Well it had to be done..

I made a clay wookie!

Speaking of wookies.. Wednesday's wookies were ICE CREAM WOOKIES!

And it seems chocolate and mint were the most popular flavours..
There is still a strawberry and vanilla in my Etsy shop looking for their forever homes!

Well.. It was also a good week for mail..

Yummy vintage fabrics from a lovely friend..

And an amazing vintage painting find..

Total heavenly vintage inspiration..

On Thursday.. Noah and I baked and decorated cakes for Saturday's allotment fun day!

I made mini allotment cakes..

For the adult.. 4 cakes on a plate category 

And Noah made these.. For the children.. 3 cakes on a plate category

Didn't he do an amazing job?

We took them up to the allotment on Friday night..

I love it there!

I love how it looks on a summers evening!

And then we went back on Saturday for the fun day and contest results!

I love how it looks in the day too..

AND... Guess what! Noah and I BOTH won in the cake categories!

AND Dad won longest carrot AND longest parsnip!

GO TEAM!!! We did ok huh??

Dad also came second and third in a few categories too.. But I was never in doubt!
He does so well on his allotments!


Haha yeah there were a few funny moments..
I captured one in doodle form..

Funny situations are SO inspirational!

As are the beautiful flowers Dad picked me..

I love sweet peas...

I love flowers..

And these images themselves inspired my stickers for Sticker Sunday!

Available in my shop here! Perfect for brightening up your diaries..journals or snail mail!

Well then after a relaxing sunday..
Me and my boys decided to go on a Sunday evening cycle ride!

Past my favourite island..

Under a magical sky..

Past the water and through the woods

 Haha.. I LOVE these guys! They're my medicine!

And I feel happy sitting by the water..Saying goodbye to the day!

And the week

How was yours? I'd love to hear from you!!

♥ Happy new week guys! ♥

Love and rainbows...Kitty x

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Stuff I love Saturday and sticker Sunday

Hey guys.... This week its a double whammy again..
Stuff I love Saturday AND sticker Sunday!

Internet was down all day.. So I couldn't blog.. BUT.. The good side to that is I could focus on the simple things in life... 

Enjoying the sunshine..Hanging my washing on the line!

Spending time at my Dad's allotment..

Picking flowers..

And coming home to curl up on my sofa..

I realised apart from the internet (which I have to say I miss like crazy!)
I really enjoy the vintage life..

I haven't bought modern high street clothes for over a year!
I love the feel of growing and picking your own fruit and veg!
And I have so many hobbies... I could be kept busy for ever!

And I feel like I'm in the good life!

Haha one of my favourite vintage sitcoms!

I loved the simple life of Tom and Barbara

BUT my Mum says I dress a little like Margo sometimes! Haha COOOL!

So... With that in mind.. Here are this weeks stickers!


So... To be in for a chance of winning this weeks stickers.. 
All you have to do is tell us what era YOU'D like to live in!

For ME??? Well it's ALL about the 70's!

I mean I fell to this planet in 1974 and kinda wanna stay there!

 I'm working on making my home like a little time capsule of that era!

And maybe while you're here please check out one of my other blog posts..
I'd love to get some feedback on some of my silly ramblings!

and share my blog..somewhere..anywhere..
tell the world!!!
In as many crazy ways as you can think of

 I will pick 4 winners!
Each winner will receive 12 of my stickers 2 of each design!

The 4 winners will be picked on Monday lunchtime GMT and announced here and on my 
Facebook page

Thanks so much for stopping by and GOOD LUCK!!!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Illustration Friday

LONELY Sad because one has no friends or company. Without companions; solitary.

For me this is a strange one.. I LOVE to be alone.. I hate large crowds and parties! I spend my time with a select few that I truly enjoy to be with. I often feel I don't fit in.. Maybe it's because I'm from another planet! But I'm waiting on meeting someone else who gets me! I mean it happened once.. I KNOW it could happen again!

Lonely sometimes... But always in a special place alone!

((hugs to anyone who reads this and feels the same!))

Lets be friends!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wookie Wednesday

Hey guys... Happy WOOKIE WEDNESDAY!

Well.. I don't know about where you are..But here we finally have SUNSHINE!

So.... What better on a super hot Summers day than...


Available in the four favourite flavours from my childhood...





WOW! In fact as I type this.. BOTH mint wookies sold out!

BUT... Strawberry..Chocolate and vanilla are still available! 
AND there will be more mint on the way..

Well it's been a really busy week so I've not had a chance to grab any wookie snaps..

Well.... Other than MY WALTER!!!!


Erm... Walty!? Oh how can I tell him I already ate the muffins!

Walty! The sweetest cereal toy!

Aww... I love my funny little wookie boy!

Remember guys.. If YOU have a wookie YOU'D like featured on my blog

Please just email any pics to

And your tiny furry friend will have a moment of fame!

Thanks for stopping by... Happy Wednesday!

Love and rainbows Kitty and Walter! xxx