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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Wookie Wednesday

Hey guys!
Happy Wednesday!

This weeks wookie Wednesday I introduce you to...

The granny wookies...

I was loving making these little wookies SO MUCH that I made 11 for you this week!

4 got reserved super early and 4 already found their forever homes
BUT there are still 3 left in the shop waiting to be adopted!

I certainly found these ones hard to part with so will be making more fabric wookies.. 
I'm searching for some cute vintage fabrics..So watch this space!

Anyway..Lets have a look at this weeks wookie news..
Well my friend Helen got a new super cute ham..

What a cutie huh???
And she's still trying to decide on a name...Suggestions welcome!

And a facebook follower Breann sent in a couple of photos of her hammys 

meet peanut

And friend

Aww.. I love to see your wookie friends..So please keep the photos coming!
My email is
if you would like to send me YOUR hammy pics!

I went to the pet shop and saw these guys...

And then of course there's my Walter...

Oh I LOVE that little boy!

And exciting newsflash... The Ethel rose has 2 pretty orange buds.
This one has started to open..

Always the orange in my rainbow! 
my first Ethel rose.... 
♥I miss her EVERY day...But this rose makes me smile and I know she's ok up on that cloud ♥

Happy wookie Wednesday guys...

Next weeks will be a little different! No new wookies... BUT there will be stickers and aceos

AND the opportunity to order a wookie from the past. So if you missed out on a zombie or an week will be YOUR chance to grab one!

Then it will be wookie business as normal the following week!

Thanks so much for stopping by

Love and rainbows from Kitty and Walter!

1 comment:

Helen Clancy said...

"Lottie" sends a big thank you for featuring her on your blog and yes she has a name at last!!! It's never taken me this long before to name one of my pets but nothing seemed to suit her! Love this weeks wookies can't wait to get mine. So glad it's only a break you are taking for next week I thought for a minute you weren't going to make anymore new Wookies!!! PANIC!! Looking forward to seeing the aces and stickers xx :0)