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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wookie Wednesday

Hey guys!!! 
Happy Wookie Wednesday.. Sorry it's so late, I've been chasing my tail to catch up
BUT here I am.. And this week it's all about 
CANDYFLOSS wookies!! Or as you guys in the USA call them..Cotton candy wookies!

Inspired as I have been a lot lately by the circus!

My favourite circus snack... In wookie form!

haha kinda like THIS..

I put these guys in my shop today and there is only 1 left!
But I have many more pink furs so watch this space... 

With a little more time I can see a whole load of candy pink wookies appearing on Wednesdays!

Well... Other hamster news ...I DID get a chance to pop to the pet shop this week!

And I saw some real cuties..

Including this little fella who looked just like my Walter..

haha CUTENESS!!!

Oh and super exciting news.. My lovely friend and hammy lover got a new hamster.
A lovely little rescue one.. 

Meet....Myrtle Pinkham

Isn't she a sweetheart?? Walter was very excited to have a new penpal!

Speaking of Walty..Here he is..

In dream mode with his first strawberry..

Having a nice little drink! Walter LOVES his water!

And eating a yoghurt drop! His favourite treat!!

Oh and as promised..Here's the first EVER.. Walter comic strip..

Walter Washerton..

Inspired by watching him scrub himself silly!!!

Well thats all for this week! 

Thanks so much for popping by guys!

And remember if YOU have any hamster related art..doodles.. scribbles.. 
If you have any hamster pics you'f like to share.. Please email them to

We'd LOVE to hear from YOU!!!

Love and rainbows Kitty and Walter! xxx

1 comment:

Helen Clancy said...

Another amazing Wookie Wednesday so packed full of cuteness!! Myrtle sends a HUGE thank you for including her and she sends a BIG kiss for Walter and is so excited to be his new penpal she will be sending him some cute mail very soon. Love Walters comic strip too and the Pet Shop hammy pics xx :0)