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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Wookie Wednesday

Hello SUNSHINE!!! And welcome to this weeks WOOKIE WEDNESDAY!

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend?

This guy certainly did..

Aww... I love a cute Jubilee wookie photoshoot!

Thanks so much to Helen Clancy for these wonderful pictures!!!

I'm so happy that people have been having fun with their new friends.

I've had some more wonderful feedback too..

My 2nd time to Kittypinkstars, and I'm just as smitten with my order as the 1st time :) and I'm sure i will definitely be back :) Thank you! x

Thank you so much!! I highly recommend Kitty!

Another cute wookie. I love him :o) Great service, thank you

Absolutly love him. Always great service from you

So adorable :o)

Absolutely love this adorable ladybug! She's so perfect! I was so excited when I saw there was one left just for me. Thank you so much for how amazing you always are. can't wait to get my next wookie, I think this is becoming an obession, but I'm ok with that!!!

This feedback makes me smile SO MUCH!!!
Thank you for supporting my little Wednesday adventure!

Well this week I decided that we all need a little sunshine..
SO this week.. It's...


And I have to say that these are my favourites so far!!

They're just SO SUNNY.. You HAVE to smile at them!

And here are their positivity aceos..

These sunny funny guys are available in my Etsy shop

Two have already found their forever homes! But there are 4 left!

Also I recently had a request for a custom wookie...

And here he is..

I'm happy to make any custom wookies.. Please contact me with any ideas!

Hmm.. Well it's been so so busy that I've not had a chance to pop to the pet shop
and I have no fan pics this week.. BUT I did find these funny hamster images on my mac that I'd saved from the internet..

So thought I'd share them with you!

Aww haha I LOVE hamster pics! These guys are so cute!

Oh and of course.... Not forgetting WALTY!!!!

Here he is saying hi!

And here he is trying his skills with corn!

Bless him he's not as quick as Ethel..But he gave it a good go!

Next week... Walter the comic strip! As well as a new collection of wookies!

But come on guys.. If YOU have any wookie pictures PLEASE email them to me

We'd love to see them!

World wookie domination..Let's show our hamster buddies to the world!

Love and rainbows Kitty x


Chepcher Jones said...

Got it: HAVE FUN BECOME A HAMSTER :) challenge accepted! :)

Kitty Pinkstars said...

Hahahaha YES!!!!!!!

Helen Clancy said...

Another amazing Wookie Wednesday! I look forward to this every week!! Thank you so much for featuring my photos I will have some more for you for next week as I am collecting a hammy tonight that I am adopting sooooo excited can't wait!!! Xx :0)