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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The week in review

What a wonderful week..... Gardening is so much fun.. Now I finally have the perfect place to spend my Summer away from the world... It was another super productive creative week too... Granny wookies... Custom orders.. Blue skies.. Awesome surprise mail.. Sunshine.. Cuddles with my furry boys and my Ethel rose in full bloom!

I cleared all the vine from the back of the house... 
That was a 2 day job but worth every minute!
I was so chuffed!

And I can actually see out of the window without feeling like a fairytale princess trapped in an vine covered tower!

I even collected a little bit of treasure up there..
The old vacant birds nest and some roses

Gardening is so good for the soul! It makes me feel so happy!

So yes it did slow me down a little.. 
But I have the most perfect space to spend my Summer away from the world. 
I love my little garden..

I've been watching my Ethel rose this week too..

On Monday it looked like this

But by the end of the week it looked like this...

Well as soon as I'd finished my gardening..It was time for wookie Wednesday

And this week it was GRANNY WOOKIES!

Haha sticking with the flowery theme... Cute huh?
They ALL found homes too..How exciting!

I had a super productive week..

Catching up with my orders...

These were special custom wookies for two special young ladies who need a little sunshine!

And some puffs with stickers!!

All puffs now come with hand doodled stickers!!!

I LOVE my job.... I even get rainbow coloured hands.. WOOP!

But when I'm not working.... I'm hanging out with these guys....

My awesome and super cute Noah

My gorgeous fluffy Wilbur

And adorable fluffy Walter..

Oooh and I got some super sweet surprise main from a lovely friend!

So yes it was a super fun week... LOTS of productivity!

Here's this weeks SPT Thursday

And as per usual the silly outtakes....

 Happy new week guys! Hope it's magical!

What have YOU been up to???

Love and rainbows Kitty x

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