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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Week in review

Back to reality week.... But when you live in a bubble it's all ok! Worry turned to happier news.. Yummy mail.. New stuff..LOTS of creating.. Wookies..Candyfloss wookies.. Gardening.. Doodling..A lovely cycle ride.. And naps!

Monday was one of those worry days.. Dad at the hospital for his 6 month check up..
Times like these all you can do is wish..Stay positive..believe and hope that LOVE itself is enough!

Once he phoned me and gave me positive news I could really get this week started..
Lately I'm feeling a lot stronger.. I like this feeling!

It's also helping me to really express myself in my journal.. 
Still loving these run with scissors prompts..
So here are the next 7.

How we love..

My favourite places..

Who inspires me?..

My role..

I will NOT be defined by..

Can you imagine a world where...

Things my Dad is REALLY awesome at..

Talking about Dad.. It was Fathers day this week so of course I made him a card..

AND a doodle.. 

He loves my doodles! He has quite a collection.
All inspired by our funny relationship! So much scope there for comedy doodles!

I also did some custom work this week..

A Fathers Day doodle

And more cards..

I am loving doing cards for people... All cards are £5 + postage so please email me if you'd like one made for someone you think is awesome!

My email is

I also did lots of stitching this week..

Candyfloss wookies

Apple for the teacher puffs

AND Made a start on a lil unicorn girl rainbow hoop!

Hopefully I'll finish her this week and have the hoop in the shop by the weekend!

I got some awesome mail..

Lovely cards from Sian Lister photography for Mum..

And some inspirational goodies for me..

I LOVE fonts and I ADORE Miranda July! So this was a good haul!

ALL this AND I still had time to do the garden on Sunday with my boys!

First we cycled to the garden centre..

It's such a beautiful ride..

Then I filled my bike up with flowers and cycled home!

We totally gutted the garden and started again! Phew exhausting but worth it

I can't wait to sit here in the sunshine and watch the birds with Wilbur.. 
I don't know what I'd do without my tiny little piece of paradise.
And Wilbur would be so sad! He LOVES his garden!

Well there you go..My busy week back into the real world after the holiday!

No wonder I was tired on Thursday for my self portrait!

How was YOUR week? Come on guys.. Let us know!
I love to hear from you!

Thanks for popping by.. Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

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