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Monday, 11 June 2012

The week in review

What a fab week!! HALF TERM!!!!!! So I have my Noah all week!! Woop! So much fun...Jubilee..Wookie craziness.. Biscuit baking..The circus.. Acting like a tourist in our own town.. Walter.. The rescue cats.. And so much creating! WOW! SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!! ♥

Monday and Tuesday were the Royal Jubilee Bank Holiday days off!!!

So I don't know why anyone was surprised that it rained rained rained!
After all here in the UK Bank Holidays are renowned for being wet!

BUT....Perfect for watching movies and getting some sewing done..

My new line of Kitty's lil girl brooches.. 
LOOK! I've got hamsters..cats..bunnies..lambs

Monster girls!

AND Sunshine wookies!

Well it rained lots so we spent quite a lot of time curled up indoors..

BUT we made BISCUITS!!!

Cool huh!?? Noah's a natural..I think they turned out pretty ace!
And super colourful!!

Look at this special one he made for ME!!!

And on Thursday night..We went to the CIRCUS!! Wahey!

I haven't been to the circus in YEARS and was really excited about it.
So was Noah. He couldn't get to sleep on Wednesday night..

It was all he expected and a WHOLE LOT MORE!!
Our favourite acts had to be the high ones. There were so many amazing ones!
The tightrope where the guy slipped off after jumping over his friend, caught the rope and THEN did the act again perfectly! OMG!!! 

And the WHEEL OF DEATH!! Jeez! He was skipping on the top of it..And running blindfolded!
I screamed A LOT!!! Hahaha

We got Noah a spinning plate and he hasn't stopped, next he wants to learn to juggle!

Well the circus certainly inspired me too..
Lots of fun doodling..

And circus themed stickers!

AND matching envelopes...

 I also started the new 30 day journal challenge with Janel..
I've done this so many times before but ALWAYS love it so much!

Here are my first few days..

DAY 1.. Are YOU ready!

Day 2.. Everybody should have some goal.. Here are my journal goals!

Day 3.. Me myself and I

Day 4.. Today

Day 5.. I believe in

Day 6.. SUMMER

Day 6.. Happiness is

Day 8..Dream home

Day 9..Summer project list

Day 10..How we love

Friday Noah and I jumped on a bus into town to go on a science adventure that never happened.
Then went to get seafood only to find the seafood bar was closed!

BAH! Days like that..There's only one thing to do..

Buy a seaside souvenir.. Meet Whelk!

Yes..He is indeed a turtle made from a coconut! Haha awesome huh!??

We had fun anyway! We always manage to have fun..We're the dynamic duo after all!

And on Saturday we went with Mum and Dad to the cat shelter to take the lovely knitted blankets that Mum makes for them..

Bless their little hearts!
I had a really soft spot for Tinkerbell.. A 15 year old stray! 

Yep I'd take them all home if I didn't have my hands full with this boy..

Oh and speaking of my boys... Here's your regular weekly dose of this little lad

Seen here with his very first strawberry..
*Note wet nose and dreamy expression!*

And here having a drink..EEk! Love that little guy!

And as per usual here are some silly outtakes!

Have a great new week guys.. What did YOU get up to??

I hope you had fun... I'd love to hear!!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

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