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Monday, 4 June 2012

The week in review

Sunny funny week!! The sun came out and made me smile... Perfect for creating in the garden.. Making sunshine happy kits... Going for our first picnic... And creating my new character Lolly! 

Monday the sun came out and I was so excited..What a great way to start the week.. Especially as my new parasol arrived for my picnic table..

It's super cute and turned my table into a sweet Summer outdoor crafting area!

YES! It really felt like Summer was here..

So I got lots done out there..
Wookies.. This week it was Ladybirds and bees..

And June Happy Kits..

This month you get your very own mini sun puff.. So you can carry your own sunshine!

Here's a close up of the zine and stickers...

And I made a start on my new line of Kitty's lil girl brooches..
There will be hamsters..cats..monsters..lambs..bunnies..robots and chicks..

Here's a very early sneak peek..

So yeah it was pretty much a week of me working super hard..

BUT..I can't complain! I LOVE my job!

It's all I ever dreamed of... Even on my busiest days I never ever forget how lucky I am to be able to earn a living doing what I LOVE!

However in order to catch up I did close my shop on Friday at 9pm for the long weekend!

But don't worry guys.. I'm working behind the scenes 
I'll be back on Wednesday with brooches June Happy Kits and SUNSHINE WOOKIES!!

Haha.. Even my self portrait Thursday was a crazy quick check in!

Notice my new dress?

I found this vintage lovely on Etsy.... And I ADORE it!

So happy with my crazy style change.. Vintage all the way!
And so refreshing to not have to worry about trends..Create your OWN trend I say

Saturday was my first proper day off..And we went to Blue Pool for our first picnic of the year!

We love it here..

I blogged about it HERE! It's just such a magical place!

Oh and Sunday was the sticker release of my new character Lolly..

She's a sweet girl with ice cream hair!

Oh and for fun I started Janel's 30 day journalling challenge AGAIN!
Haha I know I've done it loads before but I do enjoy it..It takes me away for a bit.

And it's not perfect EVER.. Which is good for me! These prompts helped me to break my OCD of never using new sketchbooks..Now I just go for it! Mistakes stick no matter what! You can't erase them in real life so just embrace them and learn..

And just for silliness sake here are a few of my silly outtakes..

And.. *Newsflash* 

Walter had his first success with corn! lol
He's never been as good as dear Ethel at stripping a corn. She could do it in 5 seconds flat!
But he's slow and steady... Aww Walty..You're a sweetheart!

Happy new week guys..I hope it's a magical one!

What did YOU get up to last week? I'd love to hear!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx


Cliff Tuna said...

Hi there! I can't describe how much I love your photos.. I mean they're so colorful and beautiful and yes they make me happy just to look at them! :D

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