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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Treasury Tuesday

Hello guys!
Happy Tuesday.. This weeks treasury is inspired by a state of mind
This photograph that I took in the woods on Sunday!

Which I called..Don't follow me... I'm lost!

I LOVE the woods.. As a child I loved to camp and play in the trees.

I always believed in forest spirits and magical fairies
and I still do!

So this treasury is inspired by my real love of the outdoors...getting back to nature
and the true belief that if you see with the eyes of a child.. You will never miss the magic!

Wandering in the woods to see what magic I can find..

Looking for fairies and woodland friends..

There's a secret world hidden underfoot..

Believe and you will see..

If you'd like to see the magic up close..Please click HERE!

Thanks so much for stopping by..Love and rainbows Kitty x

1 comment:

Emma Hewlett said...

I share your love of the woods too. I spent 90% of my childhood making dens and bridges etc in the wood with my 2 brothers and sister. In the summer I plan on having my friends children over to do den building in my small wood at the bottom of the garden!!