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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Tell me something Thursday

Hiya! Thanks for popping by.. Another busy day so today's tell me something is a quick list

This week.. I've decided to list 10 things i've never done..
 I've seen this on a few blogs, so here goes....

1.I've never been abroad

2. I've never wanted a tattoo

3. I've never liked raisins

4. I've never been on a plane

5. I've never worn heels

6. I've never been able to stand on roller skates

7. I've never been able to remember my times tables

8. I've never been ice skating

9. I've never bungee jumped

10. I've never liked crowds

How about you? what are 10 things you’ve never done? Post your list and leave a comment below with a link to your blog... I'd LOVE to hear!

Thanks for stopping by... Love and rainbows Kitty x


Amy said...

Yours are so close to mine it's scary Kitty! lol But I will try to come up with some original ones :D

1) I've never been to Disney World.

2) I've never had any major surgery.

3) I've never seen a koala or dolphin in person.

4) I've never been able to do math very well.

5) I've never gone on a Spring Break trip.

6) I've never learned how to swim.

7) I've never been out of the country.

8) I've never liked summer.

9) I've never had braces.

10) I've never liked watermelon. (yuck! lol)

Kitty Pinkstars said...

Yay thanks for joining in!! Haha nice way to meet like minded people huh?? x

Terri :) said...

1. Ive never been to london
2. Ive never watched back to the future
3. Ive never like spiders
4. Ive never had short hair
5. Ive necer liked feet
6. Ive never eaten in nandos
7. Ive never understood how the earth is round
8. Ive never seen a magpie and not slapped my hand
9. I never missed an episode of friends
10. Ive never tried chilli con carni

Chepcher Jones said...

I have never so much... but in fact only things which I am not interested in :)
1. been a hamster
2. wanted to be adult
3. liked oreos
4. traveled around the world
5. said NO to my Teddy Bear
6. loved someone more than my Husband :)
7. leave ice cream alone
8. liked coffee
9. had enough teddy bears and books
10. been a dragon - yet :)

Siân said...

1. I've never been on a plane
2. I've never liked cauliflower...
3. I've never felt able to be 100% open with anyone, ever
4. I've never understood why footballers are paid so much
5. I've never been able to do long multiplication/division
6. I've never had blue hair (wanted it though)
7. I've never gotten a tattoo (again, want to...)
8. I've never tried sushi
9. I've never completely fitted in
10. I've never liked hot weather ¬¬

Gretel Creations - handmade with love said...

This is is my list!

1. I have never drunk an entire bottle of beer
2. I have never been heart broken
3. I have never driven a car on the road
4. I have never eaten a pork pie
5. I have never been to the Oktoberfest
6. I have never counted to 17849589
7. I have never broken a bone in my body
8. I have never hated anybody
9. I have never been skiing
10. I have never been travelled outside of Europe

Excel-Macros said...

nice post

Rebecca Maggs said...

Ten things Ive never done:

1. I've never been on an aeroplane

2. I've never been outside the UK.

3. I've never had/will get a tattoo

4. I've never ever liked spiders.

5. I've never had food in Nando's.

6. I've never had a bad thing to say about anyone.

7. I've never thought negatively about life.

8. I've never been to alton towers theme park.

9. I've never been to glastonbury festival.

10. I've never pretended to be someone I'm not.

A few of us are so similar aren't we?! :)