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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Tell me something Thursday

Hey guys... Happy Thursday!

Checking in late because I've just been to the circus! SO much fun!!!
Haven't been for years! Last time I was little and freaked when I saw a clown.. He was only trying to give me a sticker and unfortunately missed and stuck it on my Grandmas suede coat! 
Oops! It was NEVER the same!!!

Anyway.. Back on the subject of being little
here's a few silly question and answers..

When you were little what was your favourite..


Captain Caveman
Sweet treat at the fair or circus?

Pop star?

Nik Kershaw


I loved the feeling of getting tucked back into bed by my Dad when I had a bad dream.

I loved the feel of a new school bag and stationery.
Favourite wild animal?

Elephant Seal

The TWITS and Charlottes Web (That's where Wilbur's name came from!)
Plush friends?

When I was very little it was a doll named Rosie and looked like my Nan
Then Norman the fox..Made by my Nan!

Woah! I had some CRAZY stuff.. 
But when I was little it was a groovy strawberry t shirt and red shorts!
When you grew up, what did you want to be?

A window dresser or a cartoonist!

Haha window dresser because of the movie Mannequin hahaha as if it would EVER have been THAT cool!

Well.. There you go..Checking in with a few silly nostalgic question and answers!

It was wonderful to go to the circus tonight.. Noah's first time
and I KNOW it won't be the last.. It was AMAZING!

Thanks for popping by..Why not think of some of YOUR childhood favourites?

I'd LOVE to hear them....

Love and rainbows Kitty 


LittleGreenGuy said...

oh oh oh! My favorite animals were (are) anteater, sloth, platypus.. Anything "ugly-cute" And with clothing when I was young I was a bit of a dork, I wouldn't wear jeans because they were "itchy" it was all leggings or slacks teehehe!

Heidi M said...

Clowns freak me out ! but the circus sounds great. Hmmm some childhood fav's
My favourite film was either Jason and the Argonauts or Fame, or Never Ending story aghhh can't decide on that one.
Favorite cartoon is definitely The Cities of Gold I loved that.
Favourite sweet Wham bars, my teeth pinch at the thought now
Books, anything by Roald Dahl, i was a little obsessed
When i grew up i wanted to be a sculptor and eat cheese in france !!!

Emma Hewlett said...

My favourite film when I was a kid was the Goonies - and it still is. Im trying to educate my class on the wonders of the Goonies but its now a 12 rating!! Im sure it wasnt that when we were kids! A fab TV programme was 5 children and it! and Byker Grove with Ant and Dec!
I agree with Heidi M - Wham bars were fab and popping candy too.
Favourite pop group had to be Take That... I was gutted when Mr Blobby knocked them off the top spot for Christmas number 1!!!
O the good ode days!!!