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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wookie Wednesday

Hello guys!

Happy wookie Wednesday!

WOW last week was an amazing success.. 
Thank you so much to everyone for supporting my Wednesday wookie fun..

I've had such an amazing response.. And lots of wonderful feedback from happy wookie owners!

Check out these lovely messages..

Second time around to Kitty's shop and you are wonderful. Now my kitchen cabinets are adorned with your adorable drawings, and my hammy collection contains a fairy hammy and a wookie! Love youuu kittyyyy!

Love this guy, he's so cute! I know my son will love him too! Thank you for all the stickers and extra happiness you included!

Love, love LOVE my Zombie wookie!!!! He's so awesome I just can;t even stand it! Thank you for all the stickers and extra happiness you included in my package. I also love that you made zombie labels for the outside of the package. I actually cut the one with my name and address off and am keeping it. It was to cute not to. Thank you so much for everything, you have been amazing!

Received my little wookie today, he's adorable! Thank you and thank you for the stickers:)

Kitty is amazing! I pre ordered this before i even saw it and still it exceeded my expectations! Defo not my last kitty purchase!! Xxx

What a wonderful little package to kick start my Jubilee celebrations. Little Wookie now sits on my desk at work surrounded by streamers and chomping on Union Flag sweeties :) Not my last purchase from this delightful shop x

And I've had some fantastic Jubilee wookie party photos...

This from Rachel..

These from Bexy..

And these from Terri...

Yay! Check out the wookies having Jubilee fun! Awesome!!

So this week... I snuck up on these guys

Ladybird and bee wookies

And caught them in my net.. Just for you!!

Here they are..

And here are their positive aceo cards..

These little guys are going into my Etsy shop NOW!

So please head over if you'd like to grab one...

As for any other wookies..Well no fan pics this week and I've not been to the pet shop yet
BUT.. As promised.. Here is a picture of my Ethel collection!

So many wonderful original pieces by so many wonderful artists! 
It's all kept in a special corner of the room.. 
The orange in my rainbow preserved by some special people who make art from the heart!

And speaking about my special little girl.. The Ethel rose has 3 buds!
I am VERY excited about this.. I know her soul is happy every time I look at my special rose

And I CAN'T WAIT for beautiful orange Ethel roses!

And after last weeks Jubilee party..
Here's Walter using his flag a second time to have a Eurovision party too...

Haha Walty! What a party animal!!!!

Maybe you could have a Jubilee party with YOUR ham!??

I'd LOVE to see pictures..

In fact ANY hamster pics you would like to share and see featured on the Wookie Wednesday blog.. Please send to 

The world NEEDS to see!!

Anyway..Thanks for stopping by.. I hope you enjoyed this weeks Wookie Wednesday!?

Love and rainbows Kitty and Walter! 


Chepcher Jones said...

Awesome! :)

cutedesigns said...

This is such a lovely post! :) It's so nice seeing all those pictures of your adopted wookies. :)

And your Ethel collection is just lovely. :D I was so happy to see mine there too. Aw.

I love the Bee Wookies, they are just the cutest!!

MissBeRavin said...

awwww love this post! all so adorable <3