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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wookie Wednesday

Hey guys..Welcome back to WOOKIE WEDNESDAY!!

This week it's been crazy.. Mainly due to the release of Jubilee Wookies..

I was SO excited that 4 of these little guys had been reserved before anyone had even seen them!
That makes me smile..
And so happy that my customers and followers have real faith in my creations!

So here they are..

The Jubilee parade..

Each Jubilee wookie comes with a positive message aceo card..

A flag.. 
And some red white and blue streamers so that they can enjoy their own little Jubilee party!

All I ask is that you take a party photo and send it to me at
please please please so I can add it to the Wookie Wednesday blog!

And for anyone who missed out..Don't fret!
I have enough of this Jubilee Wookie fur on its way to make 9 more!

I already have 2 names on my reserve list..So if you would like to add your name to that list please message me on my Facebook page

But with all the fun stuff going on.. I have to take a quiet moment to send some love to my lovely friend and fellow wookie lover Helen, who last week sadly lost 2 of her beloved hamsters!


 and Tick Tick..

They were a big part of a big family!
Check out the Mum and baby snaps...

I always loved to see Helen's funny pictures of their little lives.. So funny to see them meet up in their hamster balls.. Reminded me of bumper cars with my Dad as a little girl!

Last year Helen lost Marley..

He was a star.. Father to Tick Tick and Yum Yum and an all round cool dude.
Sadly she also lost one of the children..
Yum Yum..

They left behind Phoebe.. The Mum and Tick Tick the little boy..

But last week Tick Tick went to join his long lost family on rainbow bridge.. 
Followed closely by Phoebe.

So very sad.. But in a way I KNOW that Helen feels comfort that they are all together again.

And she asked me if I could do a tribute doodle of them all together on rainbow bridge..

SO.. Here it is..

I hope it makes her smile.. I know how much she loves her pets! 
They are such a special part of our lives.

And it's the main reason that I started to do my pet tribute doodles!
I don't charge for them but just ask that people make a small donation to an animal charity!
I personally always donate to The Small Animal Rescue Society
Because I'm CRAZY about small pets!!

You can check out some of my tribute doodles on my Facebook page

And if you are suffering from the loss of a pet and would like a tribute doodle drawn
please send me an email at
with photos of you and your pet..
Or just your pet and I will happily recreate a memory for you to treasure!

Here's the special one I did for myself to remember my dear sweet Ethel..

And speaking of my lovely little ball of orange love..
LOOK what I got from the amazing Treacher Creatures

An Ethel brooch!
What a fantastic super sweet addition to my collection..
I'll take some pics of my collection for next weeks wookie Wednesday!

Thanks so much for popping over this Wookie Wednesday!

Oh and this just in....
Walty at the Jubilee parade hahaha

What a guy!

Love and rainbows from me and Walter!


cupcakes n candyfloss said...

A fab but sad wookie wednesday. I love Helens pics and your doodle for her. I love the doodles you have done for us, they def make it a little better to deal with. Your a star kitty and your doodles make sad times a lot brighter.

Helen Clancy said...

I am lost for words at how amazing this tribute is to my little hammys!! Kitty you are just the best!! The way you have worded everything is beautiful, I can't thank you enough and your doodle is absolutely perfect, it is just how I imagine them to be together and I am sure they are having the best time with Ethel. I was surprised at how I coped with losing Phoebe and Tick Tick so close together but I think it helped alot knowing they were all going to be together again. I got my brooch from Treacher Creatures too, they are adorable!! I can't wait to see your photos next week of all your Ethel tributes xx :0)