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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Wookie Wednesday

Hey guys... It's that time of the week ALREADY!??

And as promised yesterday..Today its Zombie Wookies!

Here they are! 
I found these little guys scratching around outside my door.. 
I thought they looked a little spooky but they're actually pretty cute!
And quite fun!

And here are their special aceo cards (signed and numbered)

Two have ALREADY found their perfect forever homes..
One lady got up at 5am to get the perfect zombie wookie! I love that dedication!
To grab yourself one of these little guys please just head over to my Etsy shop
There are 4 left... AND 1 Wacky Wookie from last week!

Could he be the PERFECT friend for YOU??

Speaking of which.. I have had some more awesome feedback from wookie adopters! 

My zebra wookie makes me smile so much! Well done!!!

Another adorable plush by the fabulous Kitty Pinkstars xx :0)

Yay! I LOVE KittyPinkStars creations! A fabulous Wookie! Thank you!

Oooh my, I think I've fallen in love with this little wookie and the whole shop! :) Thank you so much! Utterly amazing! x

Eeeeek!! *blushes* I'm so happy that people love their new friends!

And speaking of wookie friends.. I found some cute ones at the pet shop..

Sleepy ham...

And check out these guys.. So funny!

And Sarah sent in some cute hamster pics here too..
Meet Artie the super sweet Syrian

 and Robbie the Robo

What a couple of cuties.... Thanks so much for sending these pictures in Sarah!
And remember if any of you guys have hamster friends and would them to be featured on Wookie Wednesday..Please email me at with photos.

I love to see the small furry readers of my blog!

Oh and of course... Walter says hi!

Haha whilst playing a tune on his cheese recorder!

And I know I'm his Mum so I'm biased... BUT!! He's pretty cute isn't he??

Love my Walter! 



Sarah-Louise Bailey said...

Yay for Artie and Robbie!!

They send huge THANK YOUS for letting them feature on your post. They feel like little princes <3

Now I just need to get them there own Wookies too look after (obviously not to be put in there cages though ;)) xxxx

Kitty Pinkstars said...

Awww they are SO welcome! What a gorgeous couple of boys you have there! Adorable xx

Helen Clancy said...

Awwwwh Artie and Robbie are very cute!! And the pic of Walter playing his cheese recorder is just gorgeous!! I have got a pic just like the other one of my Marley sitting like that in his wheel, I will send it too you. Hope all the wookies find a home soon xx :0)