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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Wookie Wednesday

Helloooooo! It's Wookie Wednesday!

Thanks to everyone who adopted a wookie last week!
All 5 Wild Wookies found their forever homes!

Some are still on their way to the USA..

But here's feedback from one happy owner..

Excited to get a cute little wookie! Love him so much! Thank you!

SO... This week I caught 7 wookies!

Wacky Wookies..

And here are their happy cards..

So far 3 have found homes but there are still 4 in my Esty shop

So if you like the look of any of these guys.. Please just head over for a closer look!
It could be your PERFECT pocket pal!

No fan pics this week.. 
But my lovely friend at NiNE FRUiTS PiE is having a HAMSTER GIVEAWAY!!!!

So please head on over for a peek!!!

 AND....I did take some snaps when I popped to the pet shop..
(My FAVOURITE shop!)

Check out these little cuties..

I just can't resist a little peek at them!

This is where I met my Ethel.. Lots of fond memories..

I saw her in the pet shop... The chubbiest ginger ball of fluff I'd ever seen!

"I've got my eye on a little fat ginger hamster" I said... Then I took her home on the bus.

We loved each other so much... She was such a superstar!

I spoilt her... And she made my heart fill up a little every day so we were quits!

She's was so so so awesome.. My tiny sidekick!

I miss her a little every day!

Always the orange in my rainbow...

A true inspiration!!

But not forgetting Walter... Haha Ethel was a tough act to follow
But Walter..Well he is so so different!
Funny in a whole different way!

When I saw him I asked "Are you my Walter?" And I knew!

Funny little boy!

Here's his first doodle... 

Haha one of the fun bits of being a Kitty ham!
Your own doodle!!

Happy wookie Wednesday guys... 
And remember if YOU have a wookie I'd LOVE to hear from you!
Please say hello.. I love to read your comments!

1 comment:

Helen Clancy said...

I can't believe no one else has commented on this yet!!!!! OMG such adorable photos and lots of pics of cute Hammy hands I LOVE them!!!!! when I got to the pics of Ethel my eyes welled up you could just so tell from her expression how much she loved you xxx Great pics of Walter too , he is such a character. Thanks for sharing the Hammy giveaway I am heading over there right now xxx :0)