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Monday, 21 May 2012

The week in review

Super fun week.. Grabbing sunshine where I can.. Making zombies.. Noah's SATS.. Cake.. Catching up with friends..  My Brother's birthday.. Ethel brooch.. Robots.. Doodling and a walk by the Quay!

WOW! The weeks go by SO fast!
This week we had SUNSHINE!!! 
So bench Monday was my little piece of heaven.. My back garden!

I know it's only tiny..But I feel so blessed to have a little garden.
 It's a reason I couldn't cope in a flat.. No matter how small I love to have a little bit of land to potter around on. There's nothing like gardening to make your soul happy!

And it's the perfect place to work when the sun is out..
I certainly have a lot of that to do at the moment! 
Last weeks Wookie Wednesday for example.. Was Zombie Wookies!

5 of these little fella found homes..
But there is still this little guy looking for the perfect friend!

If YOU could love him.. Please click here to give him his FOREVER home!!

And there's still one Wacky Wookie looking for a home too.. Here

Noah had his SATS exams..
But he was quite relaxed.. 
This was his preparation get up

Hahaha.. Gotta love that boy!

Oh and I also caught up with an old friend..It had been way too long.
So we needed CAKE huh!??

Almost too good to eat..Haha ALMOST!!

Here you go guys... A virtual sweet treat!!!

I got my awesome Ethel brooch from Treacher Creatures

How cute? And completely PERFECT!! I ADORE her!!

Oh and I got my eyes tested..Eeeek! I know I know I should be wearing my glasses.
I'm short sighted..But most of the time there's lots I don't WANT to see haha!
Anyway I got some new specs.. Geek girl ones!

Haha! I like them..They're gonna take some getting used to.. BUT I DO like them!

And I managed to take some lovely photos when I wore them on out quayside walk
so that's gotta be a good thing!

The skies were crazy angry bu it made for some good photos.

Then on Sunday.. It was my brother's birthday!!


Robots and cake.. His perfect combination!!

Oh and just a little word from my sponsor and tiny sidekick Walter!

Hahahahaha! Ok..So he hasn't got a lot to say.. But he sure is cute!

Anyway guys.. How was YOUR week??
Did you get up to much?

Here's to a new one..Lets make it FUN!!!

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