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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tuesday treasury

Hey guys.. Happy Tuesday! 

Well it's gonna be another scorcher here thats for sure!
I've been working in the garden under my new parasol..

So.. If you need me...I'll be under here.. 
Doodling and stitching wookies for tomorrow's wookie Wednesday!

SO..Here's this weeks treasury, Inspired by the ice cream print on my new parasol

And the need for ice cream... 

When we saw the van when I was little I would always choose either 

a 99 cone


an orange maid!

What did you choose?

Here comes the magical ice cream van

I can hear it's tune all over town..
Summer must be here..
The sun is out, I'm golden brown..
He's getting very near!

WOW! One of the great things about summer... Anyone for ice cream?

If you'd like to see these goodie up close..
Just click here

But I'm warning you! You'll want an ice cream cone!

Have a lovely day guys.. And thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

Emilie Proctor said...

When I was a kid I would always choose the Ninja Turtles popsicle with the gumball eyes! I've been thinking about ice cream all weekend!