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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Treasury Tuesday

Hey guys... 
Well this Tuesday's treasury is inspired by the wookies I've been hanging out with today


I spotted them in my garden and snuck up behind them..

Eeek! But they spotted me..

Anyway.. They turned out to be ok..Perfectly safe and quite funny!
So I'm rehoming them tomorrow in my shop!

So here it is guy..This weeks treasury..

Use your brainz

And save yourself

Ghastly...Gruesome..Ghoulish.. hahaha it's ZOMBIES

But Kitty style!

If you dare to take a closer look..
Just click here

And thanks for stopping by...


Chepcher Jones said...

Brains, we need brains ;)

EmmaM said...

Ooo I like the zombie t-shirt! PS. I have nominated you for the Sunshine blog award! Please see for details :-D