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Monday, 7 May 2012

The week in review

Well the week started off pretty well with some awesome mail!

The book I'd been waiting for

Lovely presents from a super sweet customer 

AND the deers that Noah and I did for the Fat Free Felt doodle a deer competition!

She did an amazing job!! Here were our original designs!

Then.. It was time to welcome the new month in by preparing for the new happy kit..

WOW that was a great success..AGAIN all 5 wookies found homes.
This week they were Wild Wookies!

There was lots of fun to be had with my furry friends..
Bird watching with Wilbur and Dollie

And new toy time with Walter..

Who also got weighed this week..
His very first weigh in session and he weighed in at 172 grams!!
He's a BIG BOY!

The Happy Kits were released on Thursday..
Dream Happy!

And when all that work was done it was time to prepare for Sunday..

I made him some wall art.. Squid style!

Me and him as squids.. 
He LOVED it and it has pride of place at the end of our bed with the other funny doodles I've done for him!
He inspired my drawing again after a long time of hiding it away..
He's my muse!

I made him a card too 

and Noah did an awesome doodle!!

And the cake!! Well that was made by Dad and scoffed by the Birthday boy!

Yeah a pretty busy week. Not many exciting trips or photos 
But FUN!! And that's what counts huh?

Even my work is fun.. I feel blessed!

Here's to a happy new week!

Love and rainbows to you all... What've YOU been up to??

Oh and here's the outtakes.. x

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