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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Tell me something Thursday

Hello guys!

Well I've been REALLY busy today..
 Working on outstanding orders so I can have the long weekend off!
So I'm just checking in..With a question countdown..

5 Five random facts about yourself.

I have a crazy love of beetroot

I'm terrified of caterpillars

I LOVE the smell of a dry cleaners 

I move snails from the pavement and pop them on a wall to keep them safe

The real world confuses me and makes me sad, thats why I live in my bubble of positivity

4 Four of your favorite songs at the moment.

Up all night (Frankie Miller Goes To Hollywood) - Counting Crows

If I had a gun - Noel Gallagher

Have you seen me lately - Counting Crows

Baby I'm a big star now - Counting crows

(Yeah I know...But I flippin love them!!)

3 Three of your favorite movies of all time.

As good as it gets


Me and you and everyone we know

2 Describe two of your favorite memories.

One would have to be going to see Neil Diamond with Dad last year.. It was a dream come true!
Everything I wanted and so much more!

And of course the moment I held my Noah in my arms for the first time..WOW! 
My greatest creation!!

1 One wish you have/One thing you would change about your life.

I would be braver and maybe a little more sociable (Just to try it out for a day first!)

What about YOU guys? 

I'd love to hear YOUR answers!!

Thanks for popping by.. Love and rainbows Kitty x


Gretel Creations - handmade with love said...

What a fun blog post! I loved it! I hope you don't mind but I shared my answers on my new blog here:
and including links to your post.
I had to laugh at the snail rescue mission...i always rescue snails, worms and bugs too.
Have a great long weekend!

lilipopo said...

What a lovely list it's cheered me up today. I LOVE LOVE me and you and everyone we know

Kate x

Heidi M said...

i loved reading this blog post, your never dull Kitty - ever.
I feel much the same about the world, i am a classic case Hermit, my mum thinks its weird that i have conversations with my cat girls but they never let me down - although there super naughty
5 random fact about me.....

I love the name Pie and would love a little scruffy dog called Pie
I love sparkles, big flashy tacky sparkles, and love big trashy jewellery - not to be confused with bling...think Hollywood glamour pimped up :)
I am dyslexic and can't spell properly and find numbers confusing, it takes me at least 2 years to remember my mobile number
I love all animals and it would be my dream to have a farm where i could run art workshops and have lots of rescue pets
My favourite films are mafia based ones, love The Godfather, Once upon a Time in America.