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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Tell me something Thursday

Hey guys! Happy Thursday!

This week I thought I'd do a show and tell...

So I brought my doodle diaries!

Basically, after YEARS of wanting to keep a diary and failing miserably pretty much after January
I actually found a way to do it.

When my Dad got sick in 2010.. It really put everything in my life into perspective a little
and also made me realise that time is precious..memories are something to hold near and protect with all your heart!

And that is how the doodle diary was created..

One moleskine diary.. A love of life.. Pens and a non stop need to doodle!

Every single day doodled.. Its so amazing to pick up the diary...just flick through to a day and be thrown right back in time!

I'm a pretty busy lady.. I'm a Mum..I have a part time job and I run my own business.. 
As well as keeping these guys fed and watered.
And it's easy to just forget to take time out as I'm sure you guys know.. 
This diary is so very therapeutic..I don't think about it.. I just sit down and doodle the day! AND I always make sure it doesn't take more than 30 minutes.. So its not perfect but that's a good thing!
It's from my heart and my memory and straight onto the page!

New years eve... The moment it all started!

Crazy to see that on 17th February after a really stressful day
I created the puffs as a bit of crafting therapy..

No wonder each one is filled with positivity! 
They are proof positive that EVERY cloud has a silver lining!

And here was my AMAZING dream come true moment
The day I went with Dad to see Neil Diamond..

And here's the last Saturday of the Summer holidays

Amazing beach fun... Haha fishing! Dad said I was a natural!

Then when poor Wilbur got sick and I visited him at the vets EVERY day!
That was tough... My little fighter!

In fact I have the whole year on flickr HERE!
You can check it all out for yourselves if you have a few minutes to spare!!

I loved it so much that I started another one on January 1st of this year!

This time RED!! And new pens for a crazy colour explosion!

Felt tips that don't go through the page.. Much easier and quicker than last years fineliners!

I love how even the most ordinary days that some people would call boring... 
Are fun to look back on!

After all in nearly 38 years I can safely say I've NEVER been bored!

This year every page has a border.. Each page is a colour of the rainbow..

Starting with RED..

And already there have been sad times.. 
Like losing my dear sweet Ethel.

But there have been some magical days.. Like DATE DAY!

And the great hamster hunt... We found WALTER!

And already we're nearly at June!! I can't believe it!

To see the 2012 doodle diary so far just check it out HERE!

So there you go..Todays show and tell!

Hope you enjoyed it! Why not capture some of YOUR memories in doodle form?

Love and rainbows Kitty 


Anonymous said...

Funny this is your theme today as I just started my own kind of doodle diary. It's not with pens but with colored pencils. I too have a hard time keeping up a journal. If feels so dry a lot of the time but I found I much more enjoyed drawing my day! And it's just for me so if the drawings are bad it's no biggie :)

Doodlebags said...

Your drawing style is wonderful - so bright and fun. What a great way to express yourself.

dawn said...

I love your doodle diary, your pages are so full of joy, and contain so much. It is such a great idea, last year I took a photo a day, and even though at the time I thought some days were dull and I struggled to take a picture, when I look back through them it really gives me perspective and makes me realise and remember how full life really is :) That was just one little image, your pages are so detailed, it is lovely, thank you for sharing :)

Kitty Pinkstars said...

That's fantastic!! It's really therapeutic.. And so fun!

Rebecca's Emporium said...

Your doodle diary is so lovely :) And memories do need holding on to. I hate it when I forget the important things, or the silly things. I might give it a go. All my other diary attempts failed, but hopefully this one won't. Even if it's not an every day one, it'd be nice to remember what I did a week ago! lol :)
(I love your comment Dawn! Life really is full!:) )

Kitty Pinkstars said...

Thank you so much!! Yes photos can be so powerful! Haha it's the funny little details I put that always make me laugh!!