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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tell me something Thursday

Hey guys... Happy Thursday!

This week I'm running really late.. 
I took the morning off to catch up with an old friend and eat cake! 
So here's a virtual cupcake for you guys!

Well this week I thought I'd share and answer a question left on a previous tell me something Thursday..

Lula said.. I can see tell me something thursday may get harder as we get to know you better so i wondered if we could all make suggestions about what we would like to know. My question is who was your favourite teacher (at school I guess but not necessarily) and why. I think teachers can really affect how we turn out, how we feel about ourselves and what subjects we like. 

So.. Here goes. 
This is actually a really easy one for me. My favourite teacher was in my junior school
and his name was Mr. Cooper!

And he was AWESOME! I took this photo when we went on a school trip!

Mr Cooper was fab at art.. He was super creative, although he taught everything as junior school teachers do. I remember I though he was so cool..
He had a motorbike which had a small vinyl cat named George by the windscreen.
He LOVED Kate Bush..And most of all I remember that he saw potential in me, that he liked my creative brain.. I felt like he understood me completely.. and when you're growing up that really means the world!

I remember him telling my Mum that although what I wrote was great.. If I could do it a little faster it would help.. Plus I didn't have to press SO HARD on the paper OR start again EVERY time I made a tiny mistake!

Haha some things never change!

I remember him coming over to our house at Easter time and leaving eggs round the garden.. I remember his funny doodles.. I LOVED them!

Yeah Mr Cooper was the best teacher EVER! 
Kids today will never understand how lucky I was..

He never focused on the negatives.. he was upbeat, positive, kind, understanding but most of all FUN!

And thats how my brain learns.. Through FUN!

How about you guys?? Did you have any inspirational teachers?
I'd love to hear YOUR stories!

Thanks for stopping by..Love and rainbows Kitty x

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