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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Tell me something Thursday

Hey guys!
Happy Thursday!

Well this is this Thursdays self portrait!
It kinda sums up the day... I got caught in the rain.. I have a cold..and my brain is telling me all kinds of silly things.

I've been wondering if I'm good enough.. Planning my next moves but wondering if I can do it!

Yeah it happens to us all every now and then I guess..

It's what my Mum would call the wobbles

I think its the artist in me.. But anxiety and paranoia also help a great deal in what I do..
I'm not just inspired by sunshine!
So I've been referring to this little list to help me get my head straight!

And yeah true enough I bounced back pretty quickly!
The best way is to make a list of the things making you happy RIGHT NOW!

When I made my list it was the following things..

Watching horrors.. 
Jacob doing the school run because he's awesome...
 The smell of my new dryer... 
Wilbur snoring 
and cutting out stickers 

And right now...
Colouring in my diary
Thinking about chats earlier online with my friends

It really helps to move on and not dwell on the things that make you feel pants!

And focus on what makes YOU HAPPY!
Little things...Funny little things that happen daily but that never fail to make you smile!

I love lists..
I'll be talking about them again and again.
But they're interesting..creative.. therapeutic and just down right fun!

Try one for yourself..

A colour you like to wear


An animal you'd have as a pet


A board game you like to play


A hobby that makes you the most happy


A film that makes you smile


A sweet you can't resist


A song you love to hear


A super power you'd love to have


I answered my list here in pink.. But I'd love to hear yours...

Please leave a comment telling me YOUR list!

I started this blog as a fun way to meet like minded people so please say hi!

Love and rainbows

Kitty xxx


Gill Bav said...

Hi Kitty, I cant sleep so here is my list

The colour I most like to wear, BLACK, not morbid but it makes me feel safe in my skin.
I would have a Wombat as my pet, they are too cute and I can see me walking around the streets with him on a lead haha, I wouldcall him Hamish McWombat
I looooooooooooove to play monopoly with my family it brings out the competitiveness in me and the tycoon :)
My hobby is growing my veggies, I get a big kick out of seeing something grow, my seedlings are my babies at the moment ............. Nutty I know !!!!
A film that makes me smile ..........eeeeeeeerm. Little women, I love the dresses I would love to go back in time and try on a whole wardrobe full of those dresses plus it just reminds me of me and my sister and how close we are and how much I love my family.
Milky bottles are the best can never have too many Milky bottles they call my name everytime I see them.
I love to listen to the song Iris by the Goo Goo dolls because I can relate to the words alot and it has an amazing orchestral part and I love orchestral music !!!
My super power would be to teleport myself so I could visit my family in Australia whenever I wanted too !!!

So thats a bit about me x

P.s And you are so right, it was very therapeutic x

CourtneyMarieT said...

A colour you like to wear
An animal you'd have as a pet
So many but I'm gonna go with Koala
A board game you like to play
I'm not much of a board game player but I used to love Clue
A hobby that makes you the most happy
Sewing. I never thought I'd say that when I was a kid. lol
A film that makes you smile
A sweet you can't resist
Peanut butter cups, any brand, any size, I will eat them until I am sick
A song you love to hear
Mad World
A super power you'd love to have
It's a common one, but I'd love to be able to fly, I'd be able to get so much more done in a day!
Thanks Kitty. I loved reading your list and I loved making mine. I'm a list kinda girl. oxoxo

A.A Van Hoof said...

Yay this has cheered me up so much! I was having a bad day. Thanks Kitty!! Here is my list:

A colour you like to wear: Also PINK! I have the greatest pink wig.
An animal you'd have as a pet: Wombat!!
A board game you like to play: Scrabble too!
A hobby that makes you the most happy: Sewing
A film that makes you smile: Amilie
A sweet you can't resist: I know this is a massive cliche, but CHOCOLATE.
A song you love to hear: Werewolf by Cat Power
A super power you'd love to have: Telepathy (human and animal!) Or flight. Hard call!

Amy Edwards Green said...

Miss Pinkstars! I completely know what you mean about the wobbles! (and I love Keri Smiths list about feeling miserable as an artist! So true!)

My list:

Colour I like to wear - yellow! (although I mainly wear grey!)
A hobby that makes me happy - knitting! So relaxing :)
Board game - no one plays board games with me! But I love Articulate :)
Film that makes me smile - Calendar Girls
Super power I'd love to have - I'd love to be able to fly!!
Pet I'd love to have - hmmm I'm not a big animal lover, but I had a gorgeous fat ginger cat as a kid, I'd like to have him back!
A song I like to hear - Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra.
Sweet I can't resist - I love chocolate, but I like all the kids sweets covered in sugar too!

I hope you have a lovely day!! Happy Friday! Amy x

Helen Clancy said...

Hi Kitty I love lists too!! I am always making them lol , here is my list for you xx

A colour you like to wear - Purple any shade I just love it!!!

An animal you'd have as a pet - An Elephant , it would take up alot of room and the food bill would be huge but it would be so cool to have one as a pet!!

A board game you like to play - Trivial Pursuit, a bit geeky I know lol

A hobby that makes you the most happy - Sewing, it is so relaxing and its such a good feeling when you finish a new creation.

A film that makes you smile - WALL-E , I never get bored of watching this and it always cheers me up.

A sweet you can't resist - White Mice, takes me back to my childhood.

A song you love to hear - Man on the Moon by REM

A super power you'd love to have - To be invisible, it would be so funny to play tricks on people I don't like!!

This was so fun, thank Kitty xx :0)

Chepcher Jones said...

It is Friday, cobalt blue :)