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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Stuff I love Saturday

Hey guys.. Hope its as sunny with you as it is here!

This week I've been looking at old photos and thinking a lot about growing up.
I'm so lucky that I really had a magical childhood..
Yeah I fell from space in my zip up slippers but I chose my Mum and Dad and they are amazing!

I really lived a wonderful life as a child and it's where all my dreams and inspirations come from!

And with this in mind.. I've been LOVING the new work coming from MY favourite illustrator and friend..

SO... I want to share with you 

image source Scissors&Glue


This lovely inspirational lady has been on some magical art adventures.. 
Creating art from the child within..

Inspired by all the things that made her smile, the inspiration, the little things she loved but forgot.

Getting back to grips with the seven year old Heidi!

She has new characters.. 
A new style and is heading off on a wonderful trip through the world of paints and pencils!

This one is one of my favourites.. 

Image source Scissors&Glue

I simply adore her work... And when I win the lottery I will be asking her to paint all my walls..
Even though she does say she'll work for crisps and fizzy orange!

She's so amazing..inspirational and downright lovely that you just HAVE to head over to her Facebook page and click like and visit her blog and click follow!

And while you're there say hello to Nora cat.. and Evie Super cuteness!!

You won't regret it.
It's pure sunshine and sweetness

And it's got me thinking about stuff I love and about my childhood and things I used to get so excited about

Haha who am I kidding.. I haven't grown up THAT much.. I still get excited about them!

Here are some of them..
Yummy stationery..

Doodling... Haha Jacob say I still pull this face when I'm doodling now!

Hanging out in the woods.. 
Riding my bike...

Haha check out the amazing t shirt!

Woah! I still remember holding hands with Mum and Dad and crying all the way back to the car afterwards.. Why couldn't Elliot go with him to his planet!???

Cats.. Mum says we had our first cat Perfecta because I really really wanted a cat!

And then we had Sapphire.. The very first persian in my life!

And she ALWAYS had her tongue out! It used to freak my friends out!

Candyfloss... My FAVOURITE Summer treat!

Stuff knitted by my Nan..Neon legwarmers and matching fingerless gloves..
She made the best stuff for us! AMAZING!!!
And NORMAN the fox! WOW I still have him in my bed!

See lets face it.. 
At almost 38 nothing much has changed!
 Wow I even have pretty much the same hairstyle!

What did YOU love as you grew up??

The little silly things that made YOU smile and get excited..

Have you changed much?

I'd love to hear.. Thanks for stopping by!

Love and rainbows Kitty 


Heidi M said...

Oh wow !!! what a wonderful blog post. How lovely that your wrote about me and my new art adventures. It has turbo charged this sunny day.Thank you for this super sweet post. What has been great is getting in touch with my 7 year old self and as a result new paths have opened up, what i love about you Kitty is that you haven't lost that childhood inspiration and its what adds to you magic.
I love the photos that you posted up of you...the one of you drawing !!! cuteness, how amazing you have that.

Kitty Pinkstars said...

I am loving your new stuff so much that I just had to share!! I am lucky to have had such a magical childhood and so many wonderful memories and photographs.. ((hugs)) Thanks for being so awesome! xxx

heartstitch said...

Yes that Scissors and Glue bird is a bit too talented :P
I love all your old pics - you haven't changed much! But I do think that's a good thing - people seem to grow up all too quickly nowadays and forget to have fun enjoying the simple things in life :)

Maximonstertje said...

Oh, this is wonderful Kitty! So cute! You haven't changed one bit! And I understand your love for Heidi's drawings completely! She's awesome and I'm really in love with the new style! Thanks so much for sharing this, it brought a huge smile to my face! xxx