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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Stuff I love Saturday

Hey guys... 
Whoops it's a little late in the day but just got time to pop by and say hello..
AND to share with you another thing I LOVE!

This week... It's CRISPS!

Yep..That's right! Crisps!

Although I do like chocolate as much as the next girl.. I do much prefer cake!

BUT at the top of my list.. Crisps have NO competition!!

Favourite flavour?

Pickled onion...

In fact THESE.. 

I've found them in big boxes on Amazon!
And when I get paid..They WILL be mine!

But until then.. My newly discovered crisp love are..

Pitta chips..By Warburtons in salt and malt vinegar!

Yep.. It's a crazy obsession! I would LOVE to be a crisp taster for the day!
I mean where else do you get so many flavours but in one design?

So.. I'm wondering.. What crisps do YOU guys love?
In the USA you guys call them chips huh?

I'd love to hear about YOUR favourites.. So please let me know!

I'm off to chomp on this bag of salt and vinegar Hula Hoops!

Thanks for popping by guys!!

1 comment:

Helen Clancy said...

This made me laugh so much when I read it, another thing we have in common, David will tell you how mad I am on crisps!! My favourite flavour has got to be Salt and Vinegar but not just any brand ,I am fussy they have to be more salty than vinegary (is that even a word lol) , so its has to be either Walkers, Seabrooks or McCoys nothing else will do!! xx :0)